There is something definitive about laws; they do not change (if we keep all the things attached with the law constant). If you add 2+2 you are always going to get 4; noting more and nothing less. Same way, if you follow some principles you are going to get rich. Why not try and follow them once and see it yourself!

  1. Defined purpose- Be very sure of what you want in life. ‘I want to become rich’ is a vague term. ‘I want to own a first-hand black latest model Audi’ is definitive. Define all your goals to as specific level as possible.
  2. Intelligent team- You will need support of intelligent people if you want to go ahead in life. Find good people and start making a team.
  3. Set tangible deadlines- I can keep talking about motivation and burning desire but that is not going to come unless you see some positive results in life. So set ambitious yet achievable goals to remain motivated.
  4. A bit extra- Going that extra mile to get the job done will help you go a long way.
  5. Pleasing personality- Become a magnet that attracts positive people towards you. A smile can get things done effortlessly; carry one.
  6. Take the initiative- It is important to dream but it is more important to act. Without working it is only dreaming which will lead you nowhere. Start taking initiatives now.
  7. Positivity- Whatever you do in life, start with a positive outlook. Even in the situation of crises, do not let go off your positivity and remember everything happens for a reason.
  8. Enthusiasm- Enthusiasm ensures that you put in a lot of energy at whatever you do in life. This enthusiasm is important because this will speed-up the process of acquiring what you dream of in life.
  9. Self-discipline- I can guarantee you one thing that if you do not inculcate self-discipline in life, even if you follow the rest of the 16 principle to the tee and miss out on this one, you would fail. You just have to be disciplined. Period.
  10. Think accurately- This more or less means that do not let your thoughts in the negative direction because you will possess what you think about the most.
  11. Proper attention- Your mind can go from north to south in a fraction of seconds; it is upto you to keep it at the place where it is required the most.
  12. Team-work- We did talk about a team of brilliant team but that will be useless if this team is not willing to work in unison with one another.
  13. There is nothing called as loosing- You fail/lose only because the universe is trying to teach you something out of it. Take every defeat as a lesson of learning and keep moving ahead.
  14. Creative vision- You would need a creative eye to imagine yourself as a rich person; get those eyes if you do not have them yet.
  15. Health- You do know right that your brain needs oxygen to think which you will get only if you eat right and exercise.
  16. Reach everyday- Take steps to your dream even if those steps are small one.
  17. Habits- Form habits that give you peace of mind like sleeping on time, reading good books, etc.

Work on these principles for a few month and let me know if they helped you or not!