13 Principles of “Philosophy of Achievement”

13 Principles of “Philosophy of Achievement”

The 13 principles that we are about to discuss have not been arrived at merely by brainstorming; rather we know about 13 philosophies of achievement after summarizing the responses of a lot of successful and rich people; get a brief of what these philosophies are.

Desire- Desire is much different than a wish; a wish is more like daydreaming where that burning desire to achieve something is missing. When you have a desire, you just tend to follow all the steps in making your dream come true.

Faith- The belief that you deserve what you are aiming for, despite temporary failure will keep you motivated; this belief/ faith in yourself is very important.

Autosuggestion- Autosuggestion is a state where your sub-conscious starts believing in your dream and in your capacity to achieve it. This stage comes with practice.

Specialized knowledge- You should be pro at something; it does not have to be something related to academics. You just need to have specialized knowledge in some field.

Imagination- Imagination is all about visualizing you successful at what you aspire to do. You need to visualize your reaction after you acquire what you have aimed for.

Organized planning- Listing down your steps of action is as important as dreaming about your goal. Get yourself organized and plan your steps according to your goal.

Decision- A decision taken on time will give positive results even if you have taken the decision on the basis of partial facts and your gut feeling.

Persistence- This purely means that you will not give up no matter what. It is tough to reach your goal in a single attempt; it is unlikely that you will never make a mistake or see a downfall while pursuing your dream. Keep going despite everything!

Power of the Master Mind- Surround yourself with people who are as ambitious as you are so that they send a positive signal around you which helps you in growing yourself as an entrepreneur; these positive vibes are really important.

Sex Transmutation- Sex transmutation basically means that whatever sexual energy you have you should be directing that energy towards achieving your goal. If you can channelize your sexual energy into achieving financial results, you would definitely succeed in life.

The subconscious mind- Your subconscious mind actually controls all the emotions attached to your goal. If you have positive emotions in lifelike desire, faith, love, gratitude, etc you will succeed in your venture. Train your subconscious mind through the techniques of meditation.

The brain- Your brain catches the frequency of other people’s brains around you. So, it is important that you surround yourself with people who have a positive frequency.

The sixth sense- Sixth sense is nothing but a feeling in your gut which talks to you, guides you (in a subtle manner) and shows you what is right for you and what is wrong. No science could prove sixth sense but it can only be felt by people who have experienced it.

After going through these 13 principles, are you not even a bit curious to give this a serious try? If yes, then I would suggest you go all the way and give it all that you have!

6 Rules To Think and Grow Rich

6 Rules To Think and Grow Rich

The 6 rules that we are going to talk about in this article are instrumental in the success of any person out there. These rules never stop playing their role, no matter what; the only thing worth noting here is that are you ready to make these laws work in favor of you.

Fixing The Goal

Just decide on what you exactly want in life. Let us say you want money in life but simply desiring money is not going to fetch you money. Instead, think about how much you exactly want in life (I am talking about the exact number here!). Also, start looking at money as if you have it in a lot; do not look at the scarcity of money because only the feeling of abundance will get you money in abundance in reality!

Paying The Price

You cannot get something without paying something in return; that is just the rule and how it works. So, to get extremely rich you will have to pay a good price. I am not asking for your life here; you will have to give an extreme level of dedication, hold tenacious faith in the law and show patience in achieving your dream. If you can give these things in return you will get what you desire.

Establish The Timeline

You not only decide the amount of money you need in life but you also decide on how much time you can achieve that money. I will go out on a limb here to say that if you think you can make let us say a billion-dollar in a few months, you are right to think so! You are the master of your timeline, but you will have to pay the price accordingly (as discussed above).

Play Your Action

You have to do something and start from somewhere to get that money. Decide where your interest lies and what work you can do without blinking an eye! If you love your job enough where it stops feeling like a job, the money is bound to flow in! Even if you are not totally prepared (which you never will be), just take the action and now.

Revisit The 4 Action Points

The 4 steps that we have discussed above are not to be taken lightly. Take time and get totally involved while detailing on all the 4 steps that we have talked about till now. Get clarity of your thoughts because that is the very first step in acquiring immense wealth. It is for this clarity that the 5th step holds so much importance.

Reading The Statement

Again, only deciding on what you want and when you want it will not show results. You will have to repeat your objective statement aloud on a daily basis; once you will have to read the objective statement as soon as you get up and once before going to sleep. Do this exercise daily because this is very important. I have noticed one thing in life; if you need something bad enough, so much that you start wishing for that thing with every breath then this universe will conspire to avail that thing in your life.

17 Principles to Think and Grow Rich

17 Principles to Think and Grow Rich

There is something definitive about laws; they do not change (if we keep all the things attached with the law constant). If you add 2+2 you are always going to get 4; noting more and nothing less. Same way, if you follow some principles you are going to get rich. Why not try and follow them once and see it yourself!

  1. Defined purpose- Be very sure of what you want in life. ‘I want to become rich’ is a vague term. ‘I want to own a first-hand black latest model Audi’ is definitive. Define all your goals to as specific level as possible.
  2. Intelligent team- You will need support of intelligent people if you want to go ahead in life. Find good people and start making a team.
  3. Set tangible deadlines- I can keep talking about motivation and burning desire but that is not going to come unless you see some positive results in life. So set ambitious yet achievable goals to remain motivated.
  4. A bit extra- Going that extra mile to get the job done will help you go a long way.
  5. Pleasing personality- Become a magnet that attracts positive people towards you. A smile can get things done effortlessly; carry one.
  6. Take the initiative- It is important to dream but it is more important to act. Without working it is only dreaming which will lead you nowhere. Start taking initiatives now.
  7. Positivity- Whatever you do in life, start with a positive outlook. Even in the situation of crises, do not let go off your positivity and remember everything happens for a reason.
  8. Enthusiasm- Enthusiasm ensures that you put in a lot of energy at whatever you do in life. This enthusiasm is important because this will speed-up the process of acquiring what you dream of in life.
  9. Self-discipline- I can guarantee you one thing that if you do not inculcate self-discipline in life, even if you follow the rest of the 16 principle to the tee and miss out on this one, you would fail. You just have to be disciplined. Period.
  10. Think accurately- This more or less means that do not let your thoughts in the negative direction because you will possess what you think about the most.
  11. Proper attention- Your mind can go from north to south in a fraction of seconds; it is upto you to keep it at the place where it is required the most.
  12. Team-work- We did talk about a team of brilliant team but that will be useless if this team is not willing to work in unison with one another.
  13. There is nothing called as loosing- You fail/lose only because the universe is trying to teach you something out of it. Take every defeat as a lesson of learning and keep moving ahead.
  14. Creative vision- You would need a creative eye to imagine yourself as a rich person; get those eyes if you do not have them yet.
  15. Health- You do know right that your brain needs oxygen to think which you will get only if you eat right and exercise.
  16. Reach everyday- Take steps to your dream even if those steps are small one.
  17. Habits- Form habits that give you peace of mind like sleeping on time, reading good books, etc.

Work on these principles for a few month and let me know if they helped you or not!

Adapt The Way of Thinking and Growing Rich

Adapt The Way of Thinking and Growing Rich

Which is the most powerful tool present in this universe? Do not think of any object here because I am thinking about ‘mind’. Yes, it is the most powerful tool in existence since the beginning of the human race! If you can think about a thing your mind can create the same in your physical reality. This means that if you think right you can create abundant wealth (money) in your life! So, what do you exactly mean by ‘thinking right’?

Feel Even Before It Is True

I would sound crazy to you buy you will have to feel and believe that you have become super-rich, even if in physical reality you have not. I have used the word physical reality here instead of reality because of a very specific reason. Physical reality is a state that is visible to a human eye; all the things you possess can be seen by others and by you with wide-open eyes. Apart from the physical reality, there is another reality known as cosmic reality; this reality is the reality of the universe where all kinds of riches exist. This reality is connected with your sub-conscious level; if you can feel you are rich at your sub-conscious level (the cosmic reality), you will be becoming rich even in physical reality because physical reality is merely a sub-set of cosmic reality. It all depends upon the fact that how strongly you can connect the cosmic reality with your own physical reality, that’s it.

Focus On Opportunities

The universe gives you directions in the form of opportunities, which when followed you can become rich. The problem is these opportunities do not look like opportunities. If you are smart enough to recognize them and grab them with all you have got, then sooner or later you will be becoming rich.

Think About Winning Big

This is rather an important one! Human beings generally have a back-up ready in their minds; they are always ready to retreat if things go wrong. They never go ‘all-in’ in life. This is a very big problem because this mindset shows that you are prepared to always loose small. However, no man in the history of mankind ever became great and rich by remaining prepared to lose small. Winners have the mindset of winning big and not loosing small. Do not have a back-up plan because then only you will have that burning desire of winning; trust me leaving no option than winning is the only way ensuring that you win!

Do Not Stop Learning

Rich knows that there is no limitation to learning and one can never know about something fully. However, the poor always thinks that he knows enough and do not need to know anything further. Well, adapt the thinking of a rich to actually become one!

Take Initiatives

You can discover a rich in a group of people because he will take the charge without anyone having to tell him/her. They assume the position of a leader naturally because they have the confidence of leading the pack. Become that person. To conclude, I would say that you have to think and behave like a rich if you want to become rich. Until and unless you can convince yourself that you deserve to become rich nobody is making you rich!

Discover The Rich Man Way of Thinking

Discover The Rich Man Way of Thinking

Did it ever occur to you why there are some people who reach the 1% club of being super-rich? (I am talking about Fortune 500 here!) If you say that it is good luck then you have got it all wrong in your head, trust me. Rich people do all those things that you do but just differently. Even they have 24 hours in a day and not a second more just that they make every second of their life counts; do you? Rich people have viewpoints that are very different from the rest of the 99% crowd. Take a sneak peek into the minds of rich people with me, through this article.

Being Rich is A Right and Not A Privilege

Just stop thinking that only some lucky people get to become rich and the rest are supposed to live a mediocre life. People becoming rich believe that they are supposed to become as it is one of their rights. They do not really depend on their luck or even believe in the word.

Rich Believes In Teamwork

Individuals believe in working for themselves (usually take up jobs than running their own business) than working with teams to achieve higher goals. Rich believe in the fact that a team of people when come together and brainstorm they create something of great value to mankind and ultimately it makes that team rich; individuals (not so rich) on the other hand have no such thoughts.

Believe In Simplicity

Rich people believe in the fact that making money is an effortless and easy process. They do not unnecessarily make the process tough so that they can boost their morale of doing something that is tough. Not so privileged people give themselves reasons (read it as an excuse) that becoming rich is a tough process and hence it is not possible to do it.

Thoughts vs. Physical Labor

People who aspire to become rich but do not really reach there depends greatly on working more hours than using those hours creatively. Mediocre people know the value of their hour (which again is no so huge!) and want to work as many hours as possible because greater hours worked is equal to a greater amount of money. Rich people do not think like that. For them, time is just a resource which they use to do something that has never been done before. They do not calculate the hours they have worked; they pick one problem and find a solution for the same, which indirectly gives them a lot of money. Rich uses its 24 hours very differently! All the things that we have discussed until now are just the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more to discover and know how exactly a billionaire thinks! I have this innate wish to interview some billionaires (Elon Musk is right at the top of the list!) and get a glimpse of what exactly goes into their head; what helps them in achieving what they have achieved, etc. Don’t you want to do that?