Why You Should Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Why You Should Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

You should not feel sorry for yourself but then something that happens naturally to you (sometimes) and it is unavoidable; you should know a secret regarding self-pity that if it happens sometimes it is not bad! Yes, I said it right there (it removes all the negative emotions from inside you). The problem occurs if this phenomenon starts occurring often or you go into a state of self-pity for like ever!  

Self- pity is A Vicious Circle

Self-pity is a state where you start feeling that you are not worthy of the things that you have or can have. You constantly dwell in the past and remain there. Even if something good happens to you, you reject that happiness because you think that it is only temporary. When you start getting these kinds of negative feelings, you will send negative signals in this universe, and it will worsen the situation even further. Sooner, without you even noticing, you will enter into the vicious circle of negativity and things will never become positive for you. This is one very big reason why you should never get into the habit of feeling sorry for yourself.

Increase of Negative Perceptions

When you start feeling sorry for yourself, you start looking at things with negative connotations. Everything in this universe brings something positive and something not positive (see what I did there; did not use the negative connotation). When you start feeling sorry for yourself, you start seeing only the negative aspects of anything. Every proposal starts sounding more negative than positive, once you go into the self-pity mode. You start disliking and push away all those people who want to help you out of your sorry state. Again, this is a big-time reason to do something about your sorry state.

No Gratitude

Gratitude is the state when you are thankful for the smallest of things in your life. But, you stop feeling that when you are in a state of sorry. In this state, you start cribbing a lot about minuscule things. For example, it rains, you complain about getting wet and when it is sunny you complain of getting tanned in the hot sun; basically, you crib no matter whatever the situation is. Because of this habit of yours, other people start cutting you out of their lives (nobody wants to hear your crib all day long!). Do not do this to yourself and the people around you.

The Solution

When you catch the signs that you are going into the self-pity mode, you are supposed to act at that very moment. I would suggest you start with some kind of physical/mental activity like yoga, gym, and meditation. Morning physical/mental activity pumps a lot of happy hormones in your body which keeps your mood elevated for the whole day. To conclude, I would just say that you or anybody out there does not deserve to be in a sorry state because every single person is unique with immense possibilities; you just have to find that one thing which makes you happy when you are low and you should cling onto that thing for a lifetime to come.

What’s The Hidden Secret In Think and Grow Rich Book By Napoleon Hill?

What’s The Hidden Secret In Think and Grow Rich Book By Napoleon Hill?

Born In the year 1883, Napoleon Hill is a known American self-help writer; he is also known for his bestseller book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and millions of people bought this book. The book is amongst the top 10 bestsellers to date. You would come across a lot of books that talk about motivation but the way Napoleon Hill has explained the secrets and steps to reach your dream is comparable to none. There are some key takeaways mentioned in the book, which if applied diligently, will prove effective.

It Should All Be Natural

In my other article (What are the laws of success) I have talked about the laws/steps that will help you in becoming successful. It says that you need to have a burning desire and a definite goal in life and then only you will succeed. However, what you need to understand is that all the aspects of the secret should come to you very naturally. In other words, you should not be reminding yourself every now and then that you are supposed to have a burning desire to reach your goal; you should be actually burning with the desire on a continuous basis. This desire should become your parallel self with a very definite aim of reaching a particular point. Napoleon Hill wanted everybody to understand this particular fact that it all has to become your natural self (the real secret).


Napoleon Hill has talked about the oneness in his book. I will try and express my understanding of the statement here (which by the way has helped me reach my goal). You will have to think of yourself and this universe as one single unit. You are not supposed to separate yourself from this universe. So, by default, everything in this universe (the people, the things, etc) is a part of you. What affects others will affect you and vice-versa. This means that the way you treat other things of this universe you will be receiving the same thing in return; if you are giving out negativity you will be receiving negative results and if you give out positivity you will receive positive results!

If you are still with me, then you would have understood that this universe just reacts to your own doings and thoughts. Period. So, it is very easy to turn things around in your own favor. All you have to do is start creating positivity around yourself. Treat others the way you would have wanted others to treat you. Give back to the society so that it returns to you multifold times. Make this world a happy place to live so that you can live happily in this world. See, it is all so simple and yet it gets missed from all the eyes! To conclude, I would just like to state that it is all very simple but since your mind is stuck on the fact that it is difficult, you feel that it is difficult. All you have to do is change the way you look at things and that’s it. That’s the solution, right in front of your eyes!

Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working For You?

Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working For You?

The law of universe/attraction is constant and there is no way that it is not working in your life; if the law is not working in your favor then it is working against you, which is definitely a reason to worry. However, the good thing about the law of attraction is that if you work consciously, you can turn the course of events and make it work for you. Let us identify the reasons why the law is not in your favor as of now!

Remove The ‘Not’ Factor

Let us say that you love to be punctual at everything you do. Suppose you have a meeting at 10: AM on a rainy day and somehow your alarm did not beep and you got up at 8:30 AM. You can still reach the meeting on time provided you do not get traffic. Now, what is really going on inside your head at this point in time? (You would be praying that please there should be ‘no’ traffic) The thing is your subconscious mind, unfortunately, does not understand the word ‘no’; it just understands the word traffic. So if you see it mathematically, you are signaling the universe about (no) traffic where the no word is silent; so basically you are asking for traffic. So, how do you turn this around? You just have to turn the ‘no statement’ into a positively sounding statement like ‘I should witness free pass today’.


Another big reason for the law not working for you is that you have still not reached the state of ‘absolute belief’. This is the state where you believe that you will be successful at your sub-conscious level. If you still have any kind of doubt left in your mind regarding the law or yourself, it will never work for you. The base of this law asks you to have belief and when that is missing, nothing else matters!

Your Environment

Sometimes, your failure has got a lot to do with your social circle and your surrounding and less with your own self. Even if you are in a full state of belief there might be people around you who say that the law does not work. It is their negative vibrations that are affecting your own progress. To achieve positive results in life, get rid of all those people and things that tell you that you cannot achieve your dream.

The Illusion of Not Working

Do not fall into this trap! Sometimes, it becomes impossible to connect the dots of life. Your life might be taking you in the direction which you think is not good for you (as of now) but in reality, the universe knows differently! You might get a feeling that the law is not working for you and you stop believing in it, but that is not the case in reality. My suggestion to you would be to just go with the flow and not resist. Rest, the universe will take care of you! If something is not working then you need to find the reason why it is not working for you and turn it around in your favor.

What are The Laws of Success?

What are The Laws of Success?

I am sure I have your attention with the title itself where your mind is interpreting it as ‘if I follow some law then I might become successful’. Well, you are only partially right here because this statement means that if you follow the laws of success you will ‘definitely’ be successful. Further in the article, you will get to know what laws you are supposed to follow.

Law of Definite

What success means to you (and do not give me answers like satisfaction, happiness, etc)? What do you want to accomplish physically which you would define as success? It could be, owning your own business, becoming CEO of a company, meeting your soul mate, becoming a billionaire, etc. Define what success means to you in a detailed manner as possible. This will send a clear signal in the universe as to what do you exactly want in life. Getting this clarity is like reaching the first step in becoming successful.

Law of Belief

You can question me that you know exactly what you want in life but you are still not getting there; well to that I would ask you, do you really believe that you are capable of achieving everything that you desire for? If you think that what you dream off is out of your reach then how do you expect this universe to believe in your dreams? At first, it is you who will have to have that belief that whatever you ask from this universe, you will get it, no matter what. I know you cannot reach a state of 100% belief but you will have to try to increase the belief with every passing day; the stronger your belief system the earlier you will see positive results.

Law of now Acting 

You will be shocked by what I am supposed to say next, but still with me till the end! While pursuing the road to success you are not really supposed to worry about the road and the direction. For example, let us say that you want to become a millionaire by the age of 25. But to achieve this, you do not have to plan your career and walk on that road. You are not supposed to deliberately plan anything or change the course of your life. You just have to keep doing what you are doing with the belief of becoming a millionaire. The universe will put you on the road of success all by itself. It will create situations in life, which will act as a catalyst in you achieving success (I know it all sounds a bit magical, but this is the only truth)

Law of Not Resisting

When you ask something from this universe, the universe creates a plan for you and provides you situations that will help you. So, as a person, it is your duty to not resist the changes happening in your life because those changes are good for you. As I have always said, the universe has its own plans for you; if you believe in the universe just go with the flow and everything else will be taken care of! Feel the magic happening around you!

How to Manifest a Huge Amount of Money Using the Secret Law

How to Manifest a Huge Amount of Money Using the Secret Law

Would you believe me if I tell you that it is your mindset that is the only hindrance between you and massive wealth? Well, you will have to! It is your own mindset regarding money and an abundant lifestyle that is not letting you progress in life. If you direct your thoughts and energy positively towards getting money then you will have money. There are certain laws of the universe that can help you build a positive thought about money!

Eradicating your limiting belief

When you think about people with massive wealth (like Bill Gates) do you think that these people are lucky to have so much wealth and that you would never have so much wealth in life? If yes, then that is your problem right there! You, even in imagination, do not want to think and believe that you are worthy of immense wealth. You will, at first, will have to convince yourself that even you can amass wealth. You just have to see money as something available to you in abundance and not something scarce! Try this for some time (but with conviction) and you will see money flowing in your life!

Law of visualization

Believe in the universe; believe in the fact that the universe is ready to give you what you want, but you will have to ask for the same and believe in the fact that you will definitely get to your dream (money in this case) no matter what. You can strengthen your belief by visualizing money with your closed eyes. Imagine you living lavishly in a big house and working as a promoter of a successful brand. You will start feeling good from within and send positive signals in the universe. Trust me, sending this positive signal in the universe is all that matters; the stronger your signal the higher your probability of amassing wealth.

Do the time

If you have started believing in the law of universe/ law of attraction then you will be amazed to know that you are the one who decides the timeline in which you will acquire wealth! Yes, it could be in a day; however, there is a catch with the rule. Let me take this moment to explain this to you. Anything can be available to you, even in a fraction of the moment, if you are able to think about receiving that particular thing with every fiber of nerve present in your body.  You will need immense knowledge of your own energy and its flow in the right direction. That is why I have always talked about ‘conviction’ in your thoughts.

Law of Concentration

I cannot stress enough on the fact that meditation is an accepted technique of increasing your mental strength. Once your mind becomes strong enough, it will work in sync with the laws of the universe and will work in your benefit. At the end of this article, I would just like to say one thing that does not make a big deal of money. It is easy to amass wealth; you just have to believe in the easiness of gaining money!