The 6 rules that we are going to talk about in this article are instrumental in the success of any person out there. These rules never stop playing their role, no matter what; the only thing worth noting here is that are you ready to make these laws work in favor of you.

Fixing The Goal

Just decide on what you exactly want in life. Let us say you want money in life but simply desiring money is not going to fetch you money. Instead, think about how much you exactly want in life (I am talking about the exact number here!). Also, start looking at money as if you have it in a lot; do not look at the scarcity of money because only the feeling of abundance will get you money in abundance in reality!

Paying The Price

You cannot get something without paying something in return; that is just the rule and how it works. So, to get extremely rich you will have to pay a good price. I am not asking for your life here; you will have to give an extreme level of dedication, hold tenacious faith in the law and show patience in achieving your dream. If you can give these things in return you will get what you desire.

Establish The Timeline

You not only decide the amount of money you need in life but you also decide on how much time you can achieve that money. I will go out on a limb here to say that if you think you can make let us say a billion-dollar in a few months, you are right to think so! You are the master of your timeline, but you will have to pay the price accordingly (as discussed above).

Play Your Action

You have to do something and start from somewhere to get that money. Decide where your interest lies and what work you can do without blinking an eye! If you love your job enough where it stops feeling like a job, the money is bound to flow in! Even if you are not totally prepared (which you never will be), just take the action and now.

Revisit The 4 Action Points

The 4 steps that we have discussed above are not to be taken lightly. Take time and get totally involved while detailing on all the 4 steps that we have talked about till now. Get clarity of your thoughts because that is the very first step in acquiring immense wealth. It is for this clarity that the 5th step holds so much importance.

Reading The Statement

Again, only deciding on what you want and when you want it will not show results. You will have to repeat your objective statement aloud on a daily basis; once you will have to read the objective statement as soon as you get up and once before going to sleep. Do this exercise daily because this is very important. I have noticed one thing in life; if you need something bad enough, so much that you start wishing for that thing with every breath then this universe will conspire to avail that thing in your life.