Rainbows are the wondrous brush of colors on the sky that has gone through the stormy clouds. It holds up the hope of a new beginning after a hideous adversary. And such is life. 

It’s not the happiness that makes thankful. It’s gratefulness that makes us merry.”

Happiness is a great feeling. But sometimes, too much glee loses our perspective in the tiniest beauty of life. When a person one day has won the lottery, they feel extreme elatedness, saying millions of thanks. But when the feeling of happiness from winning dies down, they start focusing on what they want, what they should have, and how they should spend. Amidst it all, you will one day feel unsatisfied when things are no longer the way you expect it to be- feeling less happy, less grateful.

A grateful heart, however, is more focused on what they have. Thankful for every ounce of rice, to wake up and feel the morning dew, and be able to breathe and see the wondrous creations. Gratefulness is not simply a thank you, it is the feeling of contentment towards things you currently have and less focus on what you don’t have. Happiness is what makes a person contented with they have and can only be achieved by a thankful spirit.

“Gratitude is what makes the best medicine”

 I’m sure you have probably heard about having laughter as the best medicine. Laughter is a result of extreme amusement that emanates from a joyful heart. It is a powerful immune booster that helps us in warding off various types of diseases. And who produces laughter more than those that have a heart that is contented? And who lives a contented life? Those who live with gratitude. Living with a grateful life creates control of anxiety over things you don’t have but others do. 

Take a look at the people living in the slums. Children play in the dirt with smiles on their faces, elder people spend blissful afternoons gossiping over neighbors, laughing at almost anything. A simple life. But have you noticed who gets sick with chronic and harmful diseases such as cancer? Is it those living in the slums or those living in mansions? 

“Gratitude is more than words of thank yous, it’s an act of giving back and accepting everything as a blessing.”

It’s no question that we all experience asperities when perambulating this life’s journey. But the ability to be grateful even while you experience difficulties requires mental toughness.

Do such a person exists? Who in this world can ever be happy with difficulties? 

Acceptance over denial. When we met difficulties, we normally deny the challenges, saying we don’t deserve something like such. But a person who can accept the difficulty as a blessing, it changes your viewpoints in life. You see, having a thankful heart is a dire situation that gives you enlightenment deep within your soul that you can understand the purpose of each adversary, accepting it as a blessing that will prove to be a useful experience in the future.