Which is the most powerful tool present in this universe? Do not think of any object here because I am thinking about ‘mind’. Yes, it is the most powerful tool in existence since the beginning of the human race! If you can think about a thing your mind can create the same in your physical reality. This means that if you think right you can create abundant wealth (money) in your life! So, what do you exactly mean by ‘thinking right’?

Feel Even Before It Is True

I would sound crazy to you buy you will have to feel and believe that you have become super-rich, even if in physical reality you have not. I have used the word physical reality here instead of reality because of a very specific reason. Physical reality is a state that is visible to a human eye; all the things you possess can be seen by others and by you with wide-open eyes. Apart from the physical reality, there is another reality known as cosmic reality; this reality is the reality of the universe where all kinds of riches exist. This reality is connected with your sub-conscious level; if you can feel you are rich at your sub-conscious level (the cosmic reality), you will be becoming rich even in physical reality because physical reality is merely a sub-set of cosmic reality. It all depends upon the fact that how strongly you can connect the cosmic reality with your own physical reality, that’s it.

Focus On Opportunities

The universe gives you directions in the form of opportunities, which when followed you can become rich. The problem is these opportunities do not look like opportunities. If you are smart enough to recognize them and grab them with all you have got, then sooner or later you will be becoming rich.

Think About Winning Big

This is rather an important one! Human beings generally have a back-up ready in their minds; they are always ready to retreat if things go wrong. They never go ‘all-in’ in life. This is a very big problem because this mindset shows that you are prepared to always loose small. However, no man in the history of mankind ever became great and rich by remaining prepared to lose small. Winners have the mindset of winning big and not loosing small. Do not have a back-up plan because then only you will have that burning desire of winning; trust me leaving no option than winning is the only way ensuring that you win!

Do Not Stop Learning

Rich knows that there is no limitation to learning and one can never know about something fully. However, the poor always thinks that he knows enough and do not need to know anything further. Well, adapt the thinking of a rich to actually become one!

Take Initiatives

You can discover a rich in a group of people because he will take the charge without anyone having to tell him/her. They assume the position of a leader naturally because they have the confidence of leading the pack. Become that person. To conclude, I would say that you have to think and behave like a rich if you want to become rich. Until and unless you can convince yourself that you deserve to become rich nobody is making you rich!