About The Author

Emmett Martin

You must not have known me as someone popular like a Hollywood actor or so but I’m pretty sure that what I’ll be sharing to you guys in my blog will help you widen up your imagination and will help you embrace life positively.

So to give you a picture of how I was before here it goes…I was once broke and a complete failure until one day I got a strange email discussing about law of attraction. I didn’t have any idea what it was or who it came from but I just kept reading the content. There was a part there that hit me because as I mentioned, I was broke and someone who failed in life. I started doing more research about law of attraction and as days keeps going, I started to goal to become an expert on it and become as successful as I could be. I wont say I’m the most successful person in the world but I know I’m on the road on reaching towards that goal. Little by little I know that I will be successful. That being said, I would like to share what I have learned. I believe that success doesn’t just have to be kept by yourself but it is also kind to be of help to others.

I’m doing this blog because I want to share that kindness to others. Nah I’m not the kindest person even but I just want to do my part and share what I can to help you succeed. So feel free to go around and read and I’m hoping that I could impart to you good things that could contribute for you to start and live a good life. My name is Emmett Martin, law of attraction believer.