The Law of Vibration in the Universe

The Law of Vibration in the Universe

To manifest the law of attraction, one must understand the power behind it. The law of vibration is one of the laws of the Universe that governs how things are interconnected with each other. When thoughts speak of good, good things come to the person. Such is the Law of Vibration. 

Everything you can see, the grasses, the trees, the cranky squirrels, and the tiniest ants all produce a certain kind of energy. This energy radiates to the universe as the universe works its way to manifest your desire.

Don’t you wonder why living things other than humans easily get their needs (if not for human interventions)? A sparrow that only roams free wherever their wings bring them, gets a home, food, and even a lovely partner with such a short life span. But we humans often have to strive harder to get the desirable home, the good food, and the perfect partner. Why?

Animals are simple living things. They only have few goals, to build a home, survive by eating and drinking, and procreate. Animals often do things one at a time to focus their brain wave into what they currently want, not thinking about anything else. If they want food, they focus on getting the food only, not on building a home nor looking for a partner. This makes it easy for them to manifest their desire into the form of wanting the food to come to me. The universe will then work its magic to provide the sparrow. But humans are more complicated.

Not only because we are complex creatures, but our minds are also a bit complicated by other things especially the unconscious. The human mind is so powerful that simple thoughts of inability disrupt your vibrations when manifesting your intentions. Strongly desiring something but unconsciously fearing will generate a different result. 

One example would be, a lot of people dreamed of having an awesome body. One that will make others jealous and others drool. However, we also have these thoughts of, I can’t starve, I can’t do a lof exercises, it’s going to be very tiring, but even so, I will do it. Yes, for a short time you can persist, but constant thinking of the other things will make you crave for them because it creates a vibration of having a good figure but distorted with cannot’s, resurfacing a different intent, failing to attain your goal.  

The key to utilizing the law of vibration is to become more conscious of what you are thinking- including the unconscious level. With this ability, you can identify which thoughts to cater and which thoughts to change. Without awareness of your thoughts, you will eventually fail in attaining your great desires. What your thoughts have will create the life you live.

Each teeny weenie tiny thing in this Universe, whether seen or unseen resonates their energy just as you do. You attract what you think. When you keep thinking about the blessings of life, you find more blessings in your hands. But the more you think about greed and power, you will eventually end up losing power since you coupled it with negativity that has eventually reflected in your life. 

How Our Relationships Affect Success

How Our Relationships Affect Success

How often have we heard the phrase, “No man is an island”? It’s a common saying that led us to believe that socialization is a need. We create networks, we grow closer with people and we learn things we wouldn’t have known if we were alone. But what makes a good relationship? Why is it such a big stressor to success? Or why does it become a reason to succeed?

Faith begets motivation

The primary source of our enthusiasm is mainly the thought that someone believes in you. When someone motivates you to continue, you easily persist. But when someone tells you that you’ll never make it, you would start to doubt somewhere somehow.

Being with the right person is as important as attaining your goals. To succeed, you need to surround yourself with people that have positive outlooks in life. You get influenced by their energy so, you easily become a positive person. 

Our enthusiasm to reach the epitome of our goals is an important aspect. But enthusiasm needs to be constantly fed with faith, motivation, and positive words. And these words can only be given to you by people who have it.

Creating the Right Team

Whether it’s about your friendship circle or a business team, being with people who think the same as you is bliss. Efficient teamwork is that which is a congruous collaboration between teammates. Harmonious teamwork in a business organization ensures success in their hands.

To create the right team, remove that who doesn’t acknowledge your goals. Just like how a rotten part rots away all the other good fruits, it’s the same with a team. A single disbelief could multiply the negativities, affecting your journey to success. 

There will always be a limit to what a person can do. A relationship extends our abilities as we have other people fill out the missing pieces for us to reach the zenith. 

Alliance Masterminds

When a business grows, so are the number of teams. This evident by the number of rooms you start to have and the number of departments that are thriving. With a growing number of people, how can you ensure that the organization is still heading toward your goal? 

Alliance masterminds are those teams of people who instill discipline and manage other teams. This is the team that works closely with you, challenging their teammates and the team they’re managing. They challenge not for naught but the improvement as they keenly see to it that everyone is focused on reaching the objective. 

The alliance masterminds are an important key to attaining success. For the nation, they are the educators who focus on challenging the youth as they impart knowledge so they can attain success. In a company, they are the harsh team managers that wreck your nerves as they set standards beyond your comfort zone. And they are the parents of a family who wish to ensure that the children grow well and healthy.

In any relationship, we all invest our trust, confidence, dreams, and even our loves. An important part of our being that cannot be condoned by anyone. 

Habits that Stops you From Getting Rich

Habits that Stops you From Getting Rich

Getting rich from a brazen situation is no easy feat. Yet, here we are, thinking that getting rich is just about good luck, the stars’ prophesy or they were born with it. 

Some may have been born with silver spoons on their mouth, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. There are a lot of rags to riches stories that could probably motivate you, but excuses are easier. 

Binge Watching on Movies

Time is a godsend valuable resource, and once lost, it will never revert again. A single movie could last around an hour and a half or more. But, a movie no longer becomes satisfying, so we binge on more movies or a whole TV series. And how much time have you wasted? Instead of learning new things and working on a new source of income, you chose the former. 

Sure, entertainment is a part of living a good life. But too much focus on entertainment leads you to the question, what have you gained? Have you learned something from the teary acts? Or you ended up wishing of a perfect movie-like life and stressed on it?

Being with an expensive partner

Dates, gifts, styling all cost money. Even when the relationship starts to get over-bearing, you persist because of what? You have spent a lot on a relationship so you try hard to work it out. But a failing relationship based on glamour will continue to go down.

This is a stopper to becoming rich because you lose focus and don’t get the support you need. A good relationship is when you get a friend and a business partner who supports and motivates you to save more and invest more. When both sides value frugality, you could get there.

Fast Food

How does fast food stop you from getting rich when it costs too little? Yes, buying fast foods is a cheap choice but the consequences aren’t. The reason why health practitioners are discouraging you from fast foods is the adverse effects it has on your body. 

Social Media

Social media is both a curse and a blessing. If you’re using social media to just chat, surf, and do other useless things, you are wasting time and being unproductive. But, when you turn social media into an earning platform, then that would be the moment that you are working on getting rich. Social media is a good source of money if used appropriately. But, laughing on memes, freaking out over fake news, and such is an utter waste of resources.

Unused Cable TV

So, you bought a cable subscription. You can now surf in as many channels as you want! But, oh wait, the internet has it all too. News? Do you want fake or real? Local or Universal? We have it! Movies? The internet is an infinite source! Then, what’s the purpose of your cable TV subscription?

Credit card fees

Using credit cards for shopping makes paying easier without the need to bring in a lot of cash. However, paying your credit card bills have fees which, when totaled could have gained you an investing or money-saving opportunity. And because you don’t physically see how much you have, you end up with unnecessary spending which makes big losses. 

Before you start wasting any more time and money on these useless habits, better start thinking again, and meditate on things you could’ve done instead. 

Winner and Success Tips #13 | Being positive and Grateful

Winner and Success Tips #13 | Being positive and Grateful

  • “Thank you” is a magic word that can create wonders to you and to the people around you.
  • Positivity resonates with the flow of the universe attracting positive energy towards you.
  • Be grateful to yourself everyday, you have fought all hardships and still prevails ’til now.
  • The tiniest being in this universe has thrived for you. Take time to appreciate them and be rejuvenated.

Winner and Success Tips #12 | Law of Success

  • Define what success is for you and you can align your goals.
  • Nobody can hinder you but you. Stop worrying about fear and be a risk-taker.
  • Delete ‘not’ from your language database. It’s a stopping power which attracts negativity.
  • To act now is to be able to embrace risks. No opportunity is free from the downside, it’s either you face it or waste it.
  • The world is a never-ending change. Stop resisting changes and learn to ride with it.