A Thankful Heart Makes a Merry Life

A Thankful Heart Makes a Merry Life

Rainbows are the wondrous brush of colors on the sky that has gone through the stormy clouds. It holds up the hope of a new beginning after a hideous adversary. And such is life. 

It’s not the happiness that makes thankful. It’s gratefulness that makes us merry.”

Happiness is a great feeling. But sometimes, too much glee loses our perspective in the tiniest beauty of life. When a person one day has won the lottery, they feel extreme elatedness, saying millions of thanks. But when the feeling of happiness from winning dies down, they start focusing on what they want, what they should have, and how they should spend. Amidst it all, you will one day feel unsatisfied when things are no longer the way you expect it to be- feeling less happy, less grateful.

A grateful heart, however, is more focused on what they have. Thankful for every ounce of rice, to wake up and feel the morning dew, and be able to breathe and see the wondrous creations. Gratefulness is not simply a thank you, it is the feeling of contentment towards things you currently have and less focus on what you don’t have. Happiness is what makes a person contented with they have and can only be achieved by a thankful spirit.

“Gratitude is what makes the best medicine”

 I’m sure you have probably heard about having laughter as the best medicine. Laughter is a result of extreme amusement that emanates from a joyful heart. It is a powerful immune booster that helps us in warding off various types of diseases. And who produces laughter more than those that have a heart that is contented? And who lives a contented life? Those who live with gratitude. Living with a grateful life creates control of anxiety over things you don’t have but others do. 

Take a look at the people living in the slums. Children play in the dirt with smiles on their faces, elder people spend blissful afternoons gossiping over neighbors, laughing at almost anything. A simple life. But have you noticed who gets sick with chronic and harmful diseases such as cancer? Is it those living in the slums or those living in mansions? 

“Gratitude is more than words of thank yous, it’s an act of giving back and accepting everything as a blessing.”

It’s no question that we all experience asperities when perambulating this life’s journey. But the ability to be grateful even while you experience difficulties requires mental toughness.

Do such a person exists? Who in this world can ever be happy with difficulties? 

Acceptance over denial. When we met difficulties, we normally deny the challenges, saying we don’t deserve something like such. But a person who can accept the difficulty as a blessing, it changes your viewpoints in life. You see, having a thankful heart is a dire situation that gives you enlightenment deep within your soul that you can understand the purpose of each adversary, accepting it as a blessing that will prove to be a useful experience in the future. 

Thankful Thoughts and a Beautiful Perspective in Life

Thankful Thoughts and a Beautiful Perspective in Life

Gratefulness is a miraculous health booster that doesn’t require money and a lot of time. Being thankful is a gift that imbues us with a better perspective, an optimistic outlook for a better living. Life will always be a constant struggle and not only for you but for each of us.

Be Grateful for All Your Life’s Events

Some days can be clouds and rainbows but some days can be like a raging storm-challenging you at your wit’s end. It is easy to be grateful for being joyous and worry-free but to thank a melancholic day? Food is best enjoyed after working hard, so is success more meaningful after the hundreds of failures you won over. Being thankful that you have experienced struggles makes you a stronger person that you can be grateful for the rocks life has thrown at you.

Stop Looking at What Could’ve Been

Regrets are natural thoughts as we live through life and make bad decisions. The lingering feeling of pain after regretting what happened will create the thoughts of, “If I have only chosen to do the opposite, that might’ve been the result and not this”. Regret is a natural occurrence that serves to teach us a life lesson and not something we should dwell upon. Let go of your negativities and be thankful for having the experience of learning new things. Let this be a chance for you to rethink your decisions and re-plan your steps for the goal you wish to achieve.

Be Thankful for all the People Around You

People are all unique, people have different experiences, thoughts, perspectives, and different lessons to give you. People, including those who emits the aura of negativity, also brings us lessons; their thoughts and experiences could offer us a better understanding of what we can do to create a difference in our lives and take their experiences as a lesson for us, too. Thanking the friendly neighbour, the cashier in the grocery store, the colleague who helped you out, and even that grumpy stall owner will bring you a different kind of optimism as you feel immersed in positivity. Also, being thankful to people could result in a more meaningful relationship as people seek to be appreciated.

Be Grateful for What’s Around You

From the ants collecting crumbs, the bugs spreading pollen, the butterfly that provides beauty, the trees that give the feeling of serenity, and to the air that you breathe, be grateful. A grateful person is more appreciative of life and sees the beauty and opportunity that lies beneath a strain. A thankful heart marvellously affects the body as it reduces stress and increases your tolerance making you more patient and tolerant of unfavourable behaviours and incidents. And of course, don’t forget to always thank yourself for fighting hard and being courageous when life gives you adversities. The feeling of gratitude reduces toxic emotions and gives us a positive outlook with better well-being. A stronger mentality, higher self-esteem, improved health, and an empathic heart is the miracle of a grateful heart.


Success Benefits of a Positive Thinking Day

Success Benefits of a Positive Thinking Day

Positive thinking is not just about thinking but has more to do with the attitude you carry in life. Are you the person who looks at the negative side of a situation or a positive side? It is with this positive attitude you can achieve even the impossible in your life. When you go through the life history of any successful person you will find that that person has always allowed only positivity around him; these people go as far as saying that positivity is the key to all kinds of success you want to achieve in life.

No Sign of Stress

If you advocate positivity in life, you will see every situation of life as a stepping stone towards success; you will not get stressed with whatever life throws at you. When you keep stress at bay you will be able to achieve success in life. Despite being in stress, you will be able to think with a clear head in a situation of crisis; this will prove to be a differentiating factor between you and the rest of your competitors.

No Effect on Health

Do you know that stress causes problems like diabetes and high blood pressure (yes, they prove to be the trigger of these two medical conditions in life)? Do not do that yourself, because if you lose your health, you will anyways not be able to think with a clear head. To become extremely successful you will need to have a solid brain that will come if you take care of your health, which ultimately is a result of a stress-free life.

A Surge in Confidence and Self-esteem

Carrying an intimidating personality helps you in most of the situation (yea, others will hate it!) If you are stuck in some bad situation, it is only your confidence that can bring you out of that situation. The main food of a confident personality is a positive attitude. Only when you can see yourself in a positive light, you will be able to fight your battles. When you come out of a bad situation, your self-esteem will be on a high; others will be able to respect you and see you in bright light, only when you see yourself in that position (basically when you have high self-esteem).

A General Sense of Happiness

Do you know what is missing out from the life of all those people who take the stress? Happiness! They are not able to enjoy anything in life; right from family time to their job, everything irritates them. I would wish that nobody should lead this kind of life where despite having all the means you are not able to carry a heart-felt smile in life.

Think Beyond Money

In a state of stress, all you can think about is money but when you remain positive, you find a purpose in life. Find a motive of your life; such a motive where money becomes the outcome of life and not the purpose of life. To conclude, I would say that this life is worth living to the fullest and that can truly happen only when you bear a positive attitude in life.

Why You Should Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Why You Should Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

You should not feel sorry for yourself but then something that happens naturally to you (sometimes) and it is unavoidable; you should know a secret regarding self-pity that if it happens sometimes it is not bad! Yes, I said it right there (it removes all the negative emotions from inside you). The problem occurs if this phenomenon starts occurring often or you go into a state of self-pity for like ever!  

Self- pity is A Vicious Circle

Self-pity is a state where you start feeling that you are not worthy of the things that you have or can have. You constantly dwell in the past and remain there. Even if something good happens to you, you reject that happiness because you think that it is only temporary. When you start getting these kinds of negative feelings, you will send negative signals in this universe, and it will worsen the situation even further. Sooner, without you even noticing, you will enter into the vicious circle of negativity and things will never become positive for you. This is one very big reason why you should never get into the habit of feeling sorry for yourself.

Increase of Negative Perceptions

When you start feeling sorry for yourself, you start looking at things with negative connotations. Everything in this universe brings something positive and something not positive (see what I did there; did not use the negative connotation). When you start feeling sorry for yourself, you start seeing only the negative aspects of anything. Every proposal starts sounding more negative than positive, once you go into the self-pity mode. You start disliking and push away all those people who want to help you out of your sorry state. Again, this is a big-time reason to do something about your sorry state.

No Gratitude

Gratitude is the state when you are thankful for the smallest of things in your life. But, you stop feeling that when you are in a state of sorry. In this state, you start cribbing a lot about minuscule things. For example, it rains, you complain about getting wet and when it is sunny you complain of getting tanned in the hot sun; basically, you crib no matter whatever the situation is. Because of this habit of yours, other people start cutting you out of their lives (nobody wants to hear your crib all day long!). Do not do this to yourself and the people around you.

The Solution

When you catch the signs that you are going into the self-pity mode, you are supposed to act at that very moment. I would suggest you start with some kind of physical/mental activity like yoga, gym, and meditation. Morning physical/mental activity pumps a lot of happy hormones in your body which keeps your mood elevated for the whole day. To conclude, I would just say that you or anybody out there does not deserve to be in a sorry state because every single person is unique with immense possibilities; you just have to find that one thing which makes you happy when you are low and you should cling onto that thing for a lifetime to come.