The Law of Vibration in the Universe

The Law of Vibration in the Universe

To manifest the law of attraction, one must understand the power behind it. The law of vibration is one of the laws of the Universe that governs how things are interconnected with each other. When thoughts speak of good, good things come to the person. Such is the Law of Vibration. 

Everything you can see, the grasses, the trees, the cranky squirrels, and the tiniest ants all produce a certain kind of energy. This energy radiates to the universe as the universe works its way to manifest your desire.

Don’t you wonder why living things other than humans easily get their needs (if not for human interventions)? A sparrow that only roams free wherever their wings bring them, gets a home, food, and even a lovely partner with such a short life span. But we humans often have to strive harder to get the desirable home, the good food, and the perfect partner. Why?

Animals are simple living things. They only have few goals, to build a home, survive by eating and drinking, and procreate. Animals often do things one at a time to focus their brain wave into what they currently want, not thinking about anything else. If they want food, they focus on getting the food only, not on building a home nor looking for a partner. This makes it easy for them to manifest their desire into the form of wanting the food to come to me. The universe will then work its magic to provide the sparrow. But humans are more complicated.

Not only because we are complex creatures, but our minds are also a bit complicated by other things especially the unconscious. The human mind is so powerful that simple thoughts of inability disrupt your vibrations when manifesting your intentions. Strongly desiring something but unconsciously fearing will generate a different result. 

One example would be, a lot of people dreamed of having an awesome body. One that will make others jealous and others drool. However, we also have these thoughts of, I can’t starve, I can’t do a lof exercises, it’s going to be very tiring, but even so, I will do it. Yes, for a short time you can persist, but constant thinking of the other things will make you crave for them because it creates a vibration of having a good figure but distorted with cannot’s, resurfacing a different intent, failing to attain your goal.  

The key to utilizing the law of vibration is to become more conscious of what you are thinking- including the unconscious level. With this ability, you can identify which thoughts to cater and which thoughts to change. Without awareness of your thoughts, you will eventually fail in attaining your great desires. What your thoughts have will create the life you live.

Each teeny weenie tiny thing in this Universe, whether seen or unseen resonates their energy just as you do. You attract what you think. When you keep thinking about the blessings of life, you find more blessings in your hands. But the more you think about greed and power, you will eventually end up losing power since you coupled it with negativity that has eventually reflected in your life. 

The Universe’s Law of Gender

The Universe’s Law of Gender

Gender connotes not simply about our genitals but emphasizes more on the sexual orientation. There are three variable pairs here; the male and the female, masculinity and femininity, the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

The Physical Aspect

Yes, gender is not about the genitals but gender cannot be easily understood without understanding sex. We manifest through the proper combination of chromosomes that mostly defines our prominent traits. 

Women inherit the XX chromosome while men get the XY chromosomes. Stronger traits are contained in the Y chromosomes creating a difference from the female traits.

When we say men, we have the idea of masculinity because we expect men to be strong. The physical build of men is naturally designed to be stronger compared to women while women are naturally more caring and understanding. This is because we have something in our DNA called single nucleotide polymorphisms- the reason why men and women have distinct differences. 

Thus, in the physical plane, a woman or a man is simply identified by their sexual organs.

The Mental Aspect

The difference between a man and a woman’s body is highly evident. Since the woman has some of the male elements and men have women elements, we all contain both genders. 

The masculine elements are the ones who impose on irradiating, expression, and emphasizing on the will to do things. This is the authoritative power dee inside the human mind, that strictly enforces reason, that, without the feminine aspect, would have resulted in chaos.

Because of the feminine elements being more open to new thoughts and concepts, it can control the masculine elements of strongly imposing their ideals. They are also the ones focused on constructing new ideas, thoughts- basically, your imagination.  

 If there is only masculine, it could result in a chaotic mindset as it only understands their ideals as correct, always moving forward without order. And with only the feminine, it could result in constant thinking and balancing until you give up without trying anything. That is why it is important to create a balance between these two elements.

The Spiritual Aspect

The spiritual aspect of the law of gender is our ability to connect with our Creator. To understand him, we must understand his laws. 

God governed the earth with love and care, thus the creation of a perfectly-balanced universe. If you get to understand what God wants us to do, you will live the life walking on the path of Christ, His Son- where everything was created through Him. 

Just as how God was within His Son but remains two different entities, it shows that two different beings could have the same mindset as you evolve in spirituality. This is the type of intellectual evolvement we should pursue, to be able to balance out the two different elements inside our minds. 

We see God as an omnipotent being that has the authority to punish the evildoers and reward those who did good. This is also the eminent control of masculinity and femininity as God invokes power but at the same time, rewards peace. And to be able to adapt to this mindset is to be able to understand the will of God which we are to direct our lives into. 

The Law of Relativity in the Law of the Universe

The Law of Relativity in the Law of the Universe

The German-born physicist Albert Einstein is known for his remarkable scientific breakthroughs- and one of these is the Law of Relativity.

The concept of the Law of Relativity is an interlock of different concepts; Theory of Special Relativity, Fundamental Principles of Relativity, Theory of General Relativity, and the Lorentz Transformation.

Law of Relativity in Physics

In Physics, the Law of Relativity explains that the laws of physics in everything around us is the same. This law explains the behaviors of objects relative to space and time, which eventually created another theory of time dilation. In the simplest sense, time, objects, and speed are relative to our perspective.

Let us take two people playing ping pong, one on the north, one on the south. When the player on the north strikes the ball, it is moving 2m/s away from the player. But, for the player on the receiving end, the ball is coming towards at 2m/s. However, the ball’s movement and direction remain constant but is going in different directions from each player’s perspective.

Law of Relativity in the Law of Universe

Just like how everything is relative to our perspective in Physics; such is the same in the Law of the Universe in relativity. Each person will be faced with different situations, good and bad. However, each situation will have different outcomes depending on how you approach it. We will always have problems. But if we perceive it in a way where we think we have it better than others who have it worse, it gives us a different outlook on the problem at hand- meaning, our problems are just relative. The outcomes of our problems can either be a lesson or a burden, a reward to be a blessing or a curse- all depends on how you see it.

Social Wellness and Life

We all have relationships with other people. Social wellness refers to how we nurture these relationships. Because of how we interact with them, we get the relative result to our actions- we either develop a healthy relationship or destroy it, creating an enemy of once a friend. Social Wellness becomes our guide in life, just like how we compare things with others, we also compare our problems with others.

Let’s say, for example, your friend is having issues with your partner. You see the situation can be difficult but at the same time common. You start comparing your situation to others who have undergone this issue. However, you need to bear in mind that you are all dealing with different types of people. The choices you make based on those comparisons could either solve or create a bigger problem because you relate it with the right or the wrong sets of people.

The Essence of the Law of Relativity

In the Law of relativity, there is a focal point for everything we perceive. We are on that focal point and wherever we face can have two outcomes- good or bad. Why it became such is because of how you’ve seen it to be.

If you may have noticed, the law of relativity implies that everything in this world has no particular meaning except what we give to it. You say you are in pain because you have felt comfortable before. You feel the cold because you had experienced warmth. You feel anxiety because you have once felt joyous. You have grown hatred because you have previously loved.

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity

What is the Law of Polarity?

The Law of Polarity emphasizes on the continuum where everything exists within two opposing ends. Duality exists in everything but has no absolute stopping point for each of the two poles. Meaning, two opposing poles are just two extreme characters of a single element. For example, you started a business with barely enough budget until you worked on to become a multi-millionaire without the absolute point to determine when it began. 

In our mindset, the law of polarity applies to not having your desire without the notion of the opposing poles. Success is something one can not achieve without experiencing failure. And failure can’t be more tragic than after experiencing success.

How the Law of Polarity affects the Law of Attraction

Most of us may have probably heard about the law of attraction. It talks about the power of the mind to unlock potentials through a proper mindset by awakening your consciousness on your value to the universe. The law of polarity works in almost the same way but is also affected by the unconscious mind. 

A lot of people whole-heartedly desire to have fortunes. If the law of attraction is not working with other laws, then we should all be rich by now. However, because of the law of polarity, abundance is opposite to poverty. Deep in our unconscious mind, we have this fear of going broke which also affects our vibrations to the universe. This, in turn, creates a different shape than what you consciously wanted because you are affected by the opposing pole- making your desire weaker. Thus, the result isn’t as much as you wished for. 

Make the law of polarity work with the law of attraction

When you have nurtured the power of the law of attraction, with a definite goal in mind, you can keep your vibrations in the same wave making it more focused on your goal. Considering the law of polarity, you have to remove all other negative elements of the opposing pole. When you are targeting to get rich, you also need to check your mentality. What kinds of thoughts do I always have? Do I think more about what I could potentially earn? Or do I always end up thinking about how much I would lose? If you keep thinking about the latter, then you have to work on focusing your thoughts on getting rich and not about the feeling of being broke.

Manifest your Intentions

To manifest your intentions of not being broke, reconstruct your mindset. Instead of setting the thoughts of, I don’t want to go broke, so I will work my hardest; change it into I have to work hard to be rich! What’s the difference?

In the first statement, I don’t want to go broke, so I will work my hardest. While your goal is to reach abundance, unconsciously, you are also thinking about going broke. With this mindset, you are attracting two opposing poles at the same time and because of that, when your ‘not’ factor is stronger than the other pole, you may end up going to almost broke. 

I have to work hard to be rich. For disregarding the opposite pole, you are gearing yourself to reach the absolute positive. Thus, making your goals more vivid as you align your vibrations towards the positive pole. Learn to practice a mindset without the ‘not’ and always train your mind to believe in your goals and say it to yourself every day, like chanting I will be rich, I will be rich, I will be rich!

What are the Laws of the Universe and How You Can Use Those for Your Success?

What are the Laws of the Universe and How You Can Use Those for Your Success?

Do you consider gravity law of the universe? Does gravity stop playing its part even for a fraction of second; until and unless you move out of a specific range, gravity will keep its force strong even if you are falling down from a hilltop! Same way, the laws of the universe govern the life of everything and everyone present in this universe; the only difference is some understand the law and work in unison with it and some do not. The best part about these laws is that if you can adapt to working in unison with these laws, then you will be able to achieve your dream life. We will talk about 3 main laws that govern our whole being.

Law of Vibration

Everything in this universe carries a very specific vibration that moves at a specific speed. Right from a product like a chair to thought in our mind, everything has a vibration to it. There are positive thoughts and there are negative thoughts; both move in their own vibration. Your thought’s vibration match and co-inside with the vibration of the things (imagine the phrase- similarity attracts) and thus you attract those things in your physical world. If you remain positive in life then you will attract positive things like happiness, wealth, good health, etc.

So, in a nutshell, it actually depends upon you. You have the brush, you have the color palette; all you have to do is paint a picture that you want by sending positive vibrations in the universe.

Law of Cause & Effect

Have you heard about the phrase, what goes around comes around? Well, that’s true. If you have taken some action in life then you will have to bear its consequences. It is just like Newton’s 3rd law of motion; ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. So, to receive good things in life, you will need to send out good/positive actions and thoughts into this world.

I am not saying that you make a fool out of yourself by doing good for those who have wronged you; I am just saying that keep a watch and do not wish bad things purposely for someone.

Law of Action

I have talked so much about the fact that thoughts drive everything, etc. But, let me be very clear about the fact that despite your thoughts you will have to take action to accomplish something in life; only dreaming about a particular kind of life will not give you that life. So, do not confuse day-dreaming and inactivity with the concept of law of vibrations (as explained above in the article).

So, what we learn from this law is that despite everything else, do not forget to do whatever you are doing with dedication. To conclude the topic, I would say that the laws of universe works; as a human being all we have to do is know those laws, understand a specific situation that universe presents in front of us and act as per the law; you are bound to be successful if you follow this small piece of advice!