Law of Gestation

Law of Gestation

We know by this time, you may have probably read things about the law of attraction and how it helps you manifest your dreams. So you decided to fill your walls with inspirational quotes, meditated each day, focusing on your goals. But why? Why is everything still almost the same? 

You may have already gone through the process of writing down and having a journal for your goal. Writing daily reminders for yourself, identifying your actions, and looking back on what things to change and remain, but still, nothing becomes clear. You keep reading every day to learn more about things you may have probably missed and tried a lot of things that are supposed to lead you to success. You have developed the mindset. But why does it seem like you’re still standing on the same spot as you were yesterday?

Before you start thinking that the law of attraction is so elusive like catching a leprechaun, read this first.

The law of attraction works, but the same as the other things in this universe, development takes time to manifest. Just like taking care of a baby, you need to give them constant care and attention. But, it doesn’t mean that the more focus you give to your baby, the faster they grow and develop. Everything in this world though filled with vibrations and motions, all undergo the natural phase of development. And the same goes for your ways to your goals.

The reason why achieving goals takes time is the Law of Gestation. It’s a governing Law of the Universe that controls the growth of each life to a natural process. If you may have observed in plants, those which are grown in the unnatural process ends up posing dangers and problems because it defies the natural processes of the universe. 

So, what are you going to do?

A lot of people who did not understand this fully may have started to work their hardest in the beginning. But because they fail to see any significant changes in their lives, they become disappointed, throwing their chances away before even seeing it come to a realization. 

When people dream, they rely their energy on the thoughts of achieving their goals but are not ready to face the force of the universe. Time, space, and everything may be big or small, is governed by universal law. Like a seed that takes time to undergo the gestation period before producing fruits, the same goes for your goals. 

When you are heading for your goal, patience will be your greatest virtue. When traversing the path to success, you need to be armed with patience and understand that growing takes time to yield fruition. That is why you have to believe that it is manifesting in a way that may not be as visible for you. Have faith and trust the law of gestation’s processes in leading you to your goals. Sure, it takes time. How much time? It varies for every person. But make sure to be patient and be persistent towards your goal. 

Specialized Knowledge vs. General Knowledge

Specialized Knowledge vs. General Knowledge

‘Knowledge is power.” A popular context amongst people stating that a person who has more knowledge means that they have greater power. But how do you weigh the knowledge you have? Or how does it become a powerful tool?

Specialized Knowledge 

When a particular person develops their skills in a particular field- engineering, statistics, graphics design, architecture, etc, they acquire specialized knowledge. Specializing in a particular field lets them become a master of their field and may make them known. For example, when we hear the name Steve Jobs, we associate this name to someone particularly good at computer engineering, aside from just being the co-founder of Apple. 

However, focusing on specialized knowledge may also endanger you especially in a competitive market. To master a certain skill, people invested most of their time developing and spending to further their knowledge of a particular field. But what if your skillset suddenly becomes obsolete?

General Knowledge

You’ve probably heard of the term Jack of All Trades. When you are looking for flexibility, these would be the types of people you would find. People more inclined with general knowledge are those people who have a wide diversity of skills. 

However, a person with much flexibility may also be difficult for employers to assign. Because you have a wide skill set with no particular field, employers may find it arduous to find a definite position for you. When you decide on a business, a person with a diverse skillset may find it a bit challenging to work on a certain field.

Which Works Best?

To be honest, there is no particular right or wrong path here. But, according to most businessmen, having specialized knowledge is better than having general knowledge. 

Having specialized knowledge may have its drawbacks but it’s has a lot more to offer. The most common example, and perhaps the most notable, is that most professors are very adept in every course subjects that they are required to teach students. Meaning, they have acquired a lot of general knowledge but were not able to utilize it fully to acquire more money.

With specialized knowledge, however, you can draft a plan of action as you organize your ideas for you to acquire wealth. Thus, what you need to is to learn how to organize and utilize knowledge after it has been earned. 

“…I can summon to my aid men who can answer ANY question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts. Now, will you kindly tell me, WHY I should clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?”- Henry Ford while he stood on the witness stand as he proved that he was no ignorant as they claim he is. 

As you may have noticed from the words of Mr. Henry Ford, he emphasized two points: 1. He devoted himself to know more about his business (specialized knowledge), 2. there is no necessity for him to learn about general knowledge if it’s not a necessity for his business. 

Discover The Rich Man Way of Thinking

Discover The Rich Man Way of Thinking

Did it ever occur to you why there are some people who reach the 1% club of being super-rich? (I am talking about Fortune 500 here!) If you say that it is good luck then you have got it all wrong in your head, trust me. Rich people do all those things that you do but just differently. Even they have 24 hours in a day and not a second more just that they make every second of their life counts; do you? Rich people have viewpoints that are very different from the rest of the 99% crowd. Take a sneak peek into the minds of rich people with me, through this article.

Being Rich is A Right and Not A Privilege

Just stop thinking that only some lucky people get to become rich and the rest are supposed to live a mediocre life. People becoming rich believe that they are supposed to become as it is one of their rights. They do not really depend on their luck or even believe in the word.

Rich Believes In Teamwork

Individuals believe in working for themselves (usually take up jobs than running their own business) than working with teams to achieve higher goals. Rich believe in the fact that a team of people when come together and brainstorm they create something of great value to mankind and ultimately it makes that team rich; individuals (not so rich) on the other hand have no such thoughts.

Believe In Simplicity

Rich people believe in the fact that making money is an effortless and easy process. They do not unnecessarily make the process tough so that they can boost their morale of doing something that is tough. Not so privileged people give themselves reasons (read it as an excuse) that becoming rich is a tough process and hence it is not possible to do it.

Thoughts vs. Physical Labor

People who aspire to become rich but do not really reach there depends greatly on working more hours than using those hours creatively. Mediocre people know the value of their hour (which again is no so huge!) and want to work as many hours as possible because greater hours worked is equal to a greater amount of money. Rich people do not think like that. For them, time is just a resource which they use to do something that has never been done before. They do not calculate the hours they have worked; they pick one problem and find a solution for the same, which indirectly gives them a lot of money. Rich uses its 24 hours very differently! All the things that we have discussed until now are just the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more to discover and know how exactly a billionaire thinks! I have this innate wish to interview some billionaires (Elon Musk is right at the top of the list!) and get a glimpse of what exactly goes into their head; what helps them in achieving what they have achieved, etc. Don’t you want to do that?

How to Manifest a Huge Amount of Money Using the Secret Law

How to Manifest a Huge Amount of Money Using the Secret Law

Would you believe me if I tell you that it is your mindset that is the only hindrance between you and massive wealth? Well, you will have to! It is your own mindset regarding money and an abundant lifestyle that is not letting you progress in life. If you direct your thoughts and energy positively towards getting money then you will have money. There are certain laws of the universe that can help you build a positive thought about money!

Eradicating your limiting belief

When you think about people with massive wealth (like Bill Gates) do you think that these people are lucky to have so much wealth and that you would never have so much wealth in life? If yes, then that is your problem right there! You, even in imagination, do not want to think and believe that you are worthy of immense wealth. You will, at first, will have to convince yourself that even you can amass wealth. You just have to see money as something available to you in abundance and not something scarce! Try this for some time (but with conviction) and you will see money flowing in your life!

Law of visualization

Believe in the universe; believe in the fact that the universe is ready to give you what you want, but you will have to ask for the same and believe in the fact that you will definitely get to your dream (money in this case) no matter what. You can strengthen your belief by visualizing money with your closed eyes. Imagine you living lavishly in a big house and working as a promoter of a successful brand. You will start feeling good from within and send positive signals in the universe. Trust me, sending this positive signal in the universe is all that matters; the stronger your signal the higher your probability of amassing wealth.

Do the time

If you have started believing in the law of universe/ law of attraction then you will be amazed to know that you are the one who decides the timeline in which you will acquire wealth! Yes, it could be in a day; however, there is a catch with the rule. Let me take this moment to explain this to you. Anything can be available to you, even in a fraction of the moment, if you are able to think about receiving that particular thing with every fiber of nerve present in your body.  You will need immense knowledge of your own energy and its flow in the right direction. That is why I have always talked about ‘conviction’ in your thoughts.

Law of Concentration

I cannot stress enough on the fact that meditation is an accepted technique of increasing your mental strength. Once your mind becomes strong enough, it will work in sync with the laws of the universe and will work in your benefit. At the end of this article, I would just like to say one thing that does not make a big deal of money. It is easy to amass wealth; you just have to believe in the easiness of gaining money!