Developing the Mindset of a Successful Business Person

Developing the Mindset of a Successful Business Person

Global economies boom as their local markets cultivate more businesses. What is noticeable though is that there are a lot of businesses having the same ideas, same target markets, same problems but with different solutions, thus creating diversity in outcomes and business future. How do great businessmen become successful with a different mindset? I will cite here a few popular ones whose mindsets are unique and worth considering.

Mark Zuckerberg

Who doesn’t know this man and his famous Facebook website? With a multi-million dollar company to manage, it’s a wonder how Mark was able to make Facebook survive no matter how many competitors tried to fight against it. The most interesting thought he gave for me was when he said, “Explore before you commit”. 

Sure enough, when you are not willing to take risks, it’s still a great risk. But Mark would imply that, there is no necessity to just jump on a bandwagon of risks without calculating. Surely risks come with anything but you have to calculate and see if you can afford the risk or if it works well with your goals- both in the short term and long term.

Steve Jobs

He may no longer be in this world but he sure has left a great legacy in his Apple products. Steve Jobs has a mindset of demanding the best of the best and not settling for any less no matter how tedious. Because of this, he has developed the ability to say, “No!”, and he says it 10,000 times more than saying yes. 

Having the ability to say no to proposals in a business is crucial for any businessman. This way, you can focus your best people to working on what really matters and decrease the wasted time by having to work on minute things that will not prove worthy of money and time investments.

Larry Page

When you hear the word Google, you know it’s Larry Page. With the internet becoming a booming industry, the number of search engines with Page’s Google was also increasing. However, he specifically noted that, that not because they are of the same service, they are doing the same. Instead he said, ‘I know it seems like the world is falling apart but in all actuality it’s a great point in your life to get a little crazy. Follow your curiosity and be ambitious with it. Don’t abandon your dreams. The world needs you!’.

If one has to do something then, better be crazy ambitious about it. If you only think about what’s lying in front of you, you would probably be in despair seeing how many competitors you have and how some younger ones are slowly getting ahead. But if you keep aligning your focus once again to the goal you wish to reach, make it ambitious and crazily head for it. Not a lot of people would go for it because most are scared of the risks. That just means, you’ll have lesser and lesser competitors as your ambitions get crazier!

Bill Gates

Microsoft has been a popular company that provided services to people in terms of computer usability. But of course, it will no longer be a grand breakthrough if someone breaks Bill gates through their ideas. That is why Gates especially noted that we should start as early as possible.

Understandably, not all people would be able to materialize their ideas at a young age, but when the idea comes through, start working with it as early as possible. Ideas don’t only come to a few people. How many people have already thought about not wanting to write beautifully but produce a well-written note? How many people thought of ideas on creating a computer that would make people’s lives easier? But how many people started it for real? How many people materialized their dreams before someone else snatches it? 

Habits that Stops you From Getting Rich

Habits that Stops you From Getting Rich

Getting rich from a brazen situation is no easy feat. Yet, here we are, thinking that getting rich is just about good luck, the stars’ prophesy or they were born with it. 

Some may have been born with silver spoons on their mouth, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. There are a lot of rags to riches stories that could probably motivate you, but excuses are easier. 

Binge Watching on Movies

Time is a godsend valuable resource, and once lost, it will never revert again. A single movie could last around an hour and a half or more. But, a movie no longer becomes satisfying, so we binge on more movies or a whole TV series. And how much time have you wasted? Instead of learning new things and working on a new source of income, you chose the former. 

Sure, entertainment is a part of living a good life. But too much focus on entertainment leads you to the question, what have you gained? Have you learned something from the teary acts? Or you ended up wishing of a perfect movie-like life and stressed on it?

Being with an expensive partner

Dates, gifts, styling all cost money. Even when the relationship starts to get over-bearing, you persist because of what? You have spent a lot on a relationship so you try hard to work it out. But a failing relationship based on glamour will continue to go down.

This is a stopper to becoming rich because you lose focus and don’t get the support you need. A good relationship is when you get a friend and a business partner who supports and motivates you to save more and invest more. When both sides value frugality, you could get there.

Fast Food

How does fast food stop you from getting rich when it costs too little? Yes, buying fast foods is a cheap choice but the consequences aren’t. The reason why health practitioners are discouraging you from fast foods is the adverse effects it has on your body. 

Social Media

Social media is both a curse and a blessing. If you’re using social media to just chat, surf, and do other useless things, you are wasting time and being unproductive. But, when you turn social media into an earning platform, then that would be the moment that you are working on getting rich. Social media is a good source of money if used appropriately. But, laughing on memes, freaking out over fake news, and such is an utter waste of resources.

Unused Cable TV

So, you bought a cable subscription. You can now surf in as many channels as you want! But, oh wait, the internet has it all too. News? Do you want fake or real? Local or Universal? We have it! Movies? The internet is an infinite source! Then, what’s the purpose of your cable TV subscription?

Credit card fees

Using credit cards for shopping makes paying easier without the need to bring in a lot of cash. However, paying your credit card bills have fees which, when totaled could have gained you an investing or money-saving opportunity. And because you don’t physically see how much you have, you end up with unnecessary spending which makes big losses. 

Before you start wasting any more time and money on these useless habits, better start thinking again, and meditate on things you could’ve done instead. 

Two Investment Tips that Aren’t Exactly True

Two Investment Tips that Aren’t Exactly True

Investors make teaching others a fulfilling deed to help other determined people attain what they have reached in life. But sometimes, some tips may sound so plausible but, in another perspective, may end up as a fallacy. Let me tell you some money-saving tips that aren’t truly honest.

Student Loans are Good Debts

“Education is one of the treasures that no people can take away from you.”

Collegiate, masters, and doctorate degrees are important for education but could also mean a lot of money. That’s where they say student loans are good debts. Good debts refer to those debts which increase their value over time which makes it a sensible debt.

What makes people think of loaning for college degrees?

“After graduating, I will be able to get a good-paying job and pay-off my debt in no time.”

True and false. A college diploma does not equally ensure a good job or a high-paying job. Especially for new graduates, with fewer skill sets, you may end up with a job that can earn you enough for your debt and some expenses leaving you with no savings and more difficulties. Just like any other loans, student loans also accumulate interests which can be much more than what you originally owe until you find yourself working for long just to pay for your debt.

In investing, there are things that people weigh to ensure a good profit from debts; Return of Investment (ROI) versus interests. If the return of investments will not be able to at least double the monthly payments for the loan, think again.

So, before getting a student loan, think carefully, is it worth it? Is this the only way I can go to college? Or do I even really need to go to college (especially if you want to do jobs or businesses that do not require one)?

Buying a house is Better than Renting


Properties including real-estates are considered to be good investments as their prices go up over time and you can sell them at a higher price than when you first bought it. However, after buying a house, there are some things you would also have to consider, the mortgage, utility costs, home repair bills, and taxes. But for renting, sometimes, you are only entitled to paying utility costs on top of your monthly rent.

What makes renting better than buying your own property?

The mortgage for owning your house is sometimes more expensive than when you are renting. However, just the same, mortgage and renting has to be paid for a very long time. Owned homes can be sold or inherited by the next generation. But renters can enjoy the flexibility of choosing homes (especially when you may be assigned to different places for your job), enjoy the amenities, free from real-estate taxes (which can be bothersome), lower insurance costs and utility bills, and free from home repair expenses which make hefty savings!

Buying or renting shouldn’t be based on because others say it’s a good investment or not. It should be based on your ability to pay and maintain it. If you think you will not be able to maintain your financial standing now and have the risk of going down, better think of renting which can provide the flexibility of downsizing. It may not provide the convenience an owned property could give but it can surely save you from so many headaches.

How to Have Multiple Sources of Income

How to Have Multiple Sources of Income

Having multiple sources of income today is a smart move. If you think that single employment would allow you to become rich or to have sufficient savings, then you should take a good look at how sensitive the world economy is and where you fit in it. An extra source of income is not only a fall-back just in case the full-time employment disappears. It is a driver to increase financial gains, a smart move to become more financially stable and capable. An extra income increases security because only a single source can be risky – unless this single source of income is a multi-billion dollar company that rakes in millions of dollars every month.

But even the most formidable companies that rule the business world have differentiation when it comes to what they sell. They also consistently expand and seek new markets. If such companies do this for the sake of stability, and continuous income and growth – then why should not an individual follow suit? Multiple sources of income increase financial growth open new opportunities to maximize talents and skills and add a layer of financial security.

While there are various choices, it is important to note that the extra source of income should be sustainable and easy. It should be sustainable in a sense that it can be maintained for a long period of time, even as a side hustle, and that it can earn even while you are asleep. Given that you could already have another full-time job, this extra source of income should not take too much of your effort or time. It should also be easy; meaning, it should also be aligned to your interest and passions. It should also be the kind that anyone can help you with.

Rental property. This is perhaps one of the attainable passive income ideas that you can have. If you have a good space in your house, then you may want to have someone rent this. If your space is as good as it can get, then you may want to register this in online platforms for short-term or long-term rents. If you have money to spend, you can even buy an apartment and put this up for leasing.

Home services/deliveries. If you have some special skills or interest in cooking or car repairing, then why not sell your services in your local neighborhood? You can try home deliveries for home-cooked food and treats, babysitting, house cleaning, or car repairing. The capital for these local side hustles is nearly zero. You don’t need to travel far even, because your “clients” are your neighbors.

Make money from hobbies. What are your interests and hobbies? If you take great pictures, then you can try selling your works online. There are companies that are willing to buy good pieces while you earn from a royalty. There are even online platforms that can help you find clients. They will appropriate the royalties you could get based on the arrangement with the clients. Do you have a skill in dancing? Why not try being a dance instructor for your neighbor’s kids? Make your hobbies count. Not only would you have extra income, but you can also enjoy it in the process.

Online selling. This is popular nowadays, and some online platforms make it easy for you to be a seller online. The best thing about this option is that you would not need a physical space that could cost you. You simply have to register yourself as a seller online in order to reach an audience. Do you have your own products like homemade soap or customized perfume? Can you do personalized planners? The better. People who buy products online are always looking for variety. Another advantage of this option is that marketing and promoting your products will also cost zero. You can simply market your products using social media platforms and blogs. Not only can you reach a wide audience, but your marketing ventures also won’t cost you a single cent.

Buy-and-sell from small-scale and local producers. One of these days, you might find the interest to travel in an area occupied by an indigenous community. If you do, do so not just for leisure and sight-seeing. Do so as an integration and business trip. Indigenous communities have unique products that do not make it to the main markets due to the unavailability of farm-to-market roads. You may want to make a partnership with the community in order to sell their products. This is, of course, not only a buy-and-sell. This could be a long-term relationship wherein you can help promote the local culture by helping the community’s products reach a
wider audience. This provides an opportunity for local producers to earn more. It also provides you an opportunity for extra income.

Why Should You Become Rich?

Why Should You Become Rich?

But why shouldn’t you? Sometimes people think that when you want to become rich, it means that you want to be greedy. Being rich does not always mean having so much money to buy anything that money can buy. Being rich can simply mean having enough to be worry-free of any other costs in the world. It could only mean stability. It could also mean having enough to provide for oneself and one’s family. Money can be a source of happiness. It is true that you can’t buy happiness.

But just because you want to become rich would also mean that you want to buy happiness. Being rich is a gray area. It is a neutral ground with varying reasons. One thing is sure – being rich is not evil. So if someone wants to become rich, it should be welcomed. Everybody has their own reason. Including you. If you want to be rich, then you should welcome this with open arms. But just in case you are still on a crossroads, then here are the top five reasons why you should become rich.

Success and Income. As simple as that. Many people want to be rich because this is the pinnacle of success. A stable income does not come smoothly. To attain this would be like winning a battlefield. Many people want to be rich because this is their marker of success – not because they simply want to buy everything that they could. This is money for its value, not for its exchange value. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be rich in order to be deemed successful. The simple golden rule is that you should have any ill will against your fellow man. You should not do anything to harm or to step on the dignity of others just to be rich. It is all in karma. If you are successful with a high income, happy, and content with this achievement – then you should be fine. Take away the pretext that money is evil. How you use your money and success is what matters. Simply desiring to become rich does not make you the bad guy of a real-life telenovela.

Wealth and Comfort. If a person has lots of money, does this already mean that he/she is wealthy? No. Wealth is not merely measured by the cash flow. Wealth also counts the intangible aspects like good health and leisure time. This can mean the comfort gained from having a nice home and the ability to afford the finer things in life. By having this kind of comfort, the person becomes wealthy in terms of lifestyle. Wealth is not only measured by numbers with a dollar sign. In fact, it is measured by the comfort, contentment, and happiness that comes after the dollar sign. It is the sweet experience gained from being rich. It is more intangible than tangible. This is the value gained from having the capacity to afford what is desired.

Providing for the Family. Everybody wishes that their loved ones would have a comfortable life. This is the reason why people work and toil, struggle to be on time for work, and fill the monthly savings. It boils down to the ultimate goal – people do not want their family to starve. In fact, providing for basic needs is one thing, but providing for better things is another. People always develop in a spiral growth. They do not stop with the necessities. People want leisure and lifestyle – other things in the world that they want, and maybe not really need such as a yacht, a private jet, a sushi maker, or a color-changing mug. In other words, people are creative creatures who are always seeking change and development. Providing for the needs will not be enough. Providing for the wants will always be in the equation. People who work will always want to improve the things and aspects – tangible and intangible – that they can
provide for the family. With money, the options are widened. The finer things can be accessed. For instance, instead of buying a one-storey house, a rich person can upgrade to a five-storey house.

You Make an Impact. This is because you gain more options when you become rich. You have, in your hands (and bank account), the capacity to take control of a situation. People who have less have little choices. This is the reason why they adjust to whatever system and situation that they are in. But a rich person has the capacity to control his/her material reality – and this is important in the world we are living in today. Imagine a natural disaster that struck the district that you are living in, and you want to help those who have lost their homes. If you have funds to spare, you can help as much as you want to. And this will be a great help for those people who have less. You share your wealth with others – the comfort and security of having something to provide. If you have deep compassion for orphans, then why not build an orphanage or donate to an orphanage? You have the luxury to make an impact in the lives of others. Above all else, this becomes the greatest advantage of being rich.
Because You Want to Grow. When you are rich, you have more to invest. It is in human nature to be constantly seeking for development. Nothing is stagnant. Everything moves. This includes human instincts and desire to improve more. Being rich means that you would have more rooms to improve yourself and surpass what others could not because they have less. Never stop in self-improvement and development. If you have a lot to spend, you can discover new talents, skills, and hobbies such as mountain-climbing, painting, playing musical instruments – and even writing your own book. Being rich gives you the time and resources to reach a higher sense of fulfillment.

How Thinking Rich Makes You Become Rich

How Thinking Rich Makes You Become Rich

Your thoughts carry a vibration; if you have positive thoughts then you carry high-frequency vibrations and if you have negative thoughts then you carry low-frequency vibrations. Your vibrations are continuously at work and keep attracting those things which have the same vibration as yours (from this logic we can definitely conclude that vibrations are things!) If you are thinking right then there are high chances of your becoming rich.

Stop becoming a hurdle

Would you believe me, if I told you that you are creating your own roadblocks in the way of becoming rich? Probably not, however, this is true. Do you feel afraid of becoming rich at some corner of your heart? You might be afraid of losing people around you, or losing your health, or losing the money itself after earning it! This fear of losing and the fear of the unknown are two phobias that do not let you move forward in life. Do not direct your thoughts (read it as energy) towards negative things!

Listen to those who have done it already

All the people who are in the position where you aspire to be, then listen to those who have achieved those things already; all of them say that it is only about your mindset. These people who have done it all will tell you that the very first step of making it large in this world is to believe in the fact that you can do it.

Do not run away from hard work

A wise man once said, ‘Nobody said that you do not have what it takes, but it will take every bit of whatever you have got’. The statement is so true in this context. Your brain conceiving an idea is proof enough that you have it in you to make the idea work; however, you will have to act diligently upon that idea. Let us say that you are required to complete a project that takes you a step closer towards your dream but you will have to give in 16 hours of your day to complete the same, what would you do?  Yes, you will have to go the hard way! Nobody said that believing without working will make you rich!

Be happy spending

You spend money only when you have it so believe in spending more in life; if you have acquired the habit of spending money then you will find ways of earning that money. Indirectly, you will be guiding your thoughts and energy towards earning money. It is better to pay your bills and lead a good life instead of not having money to enjoy those privileges.

Use vision board

A vision board is a board that has all the milestones that you want to cross in your life. Right from a luxurious house to premium cars, you can include it all in your vision board. This vision board gives wings to your dream. To conclude, I would say that do not worry about not becoming rich, or if the process is taking time because when you would actually achieve that dream, it will all be so much worth the pain.