Global economies boom as their local markets cultivate more businesses. What is noticeable though is that there are a lot of businesses having the same ideas, same target markets, same problems but with different solutions, thus creating diversity in outcomes and business future. How do great businessmen become successful with a different mindset? I will cite here a few popular ones whose mindsets are unique and worth considering.

Mark Zuckerberg

Who doesn’t know this man and his famous Facebook website? With a multi-million dollar company to manage, it’s a wonder how Mark was able to make Facebook survive no matter how many competitors tried to fight against it. The most interesting thought he gave for me was when he said, “Explore before you commit”. 

Sure enough, when you are not willing to take risks, it’s still a great risk. But Mark would imply that, there is no necessity to just jump on a bandwagon of risks without calculating. Surely risks come with anything but you have to calculate and see if you can afford the risk or if it works well with your goals- both in the short term and long term.

Steve Jobs

He may no longer be in this world but he sure has left a great legacy in his Apple products. Steve Jobs has a mindset of demanding the best of the best and not settling for any less no matter how tedious. Because of this, he has developed the ability to say, “No!”, and he says it 10,000 times more than saying yes. 

Having the ability to say no to proposals in a business is crucial for any businessman. This way, you can focus your best people to working on what really matters and decrease the wasted time by having to work on minute things that will not prove worthy of money and time investments.

Larry Page

When you hear the word Google, you know it’s Larry Page. With the internet becoming a booming industry, the number of search engines with Page’s Google was also increasing. However, he specifically noted that, that not because they are of the same service, they are doing the same. Instead he said, ‘I know it seems like the world is falling apart but in all actuality it’s a great point in your life to get a little crazy. Follow your curiosity and be ambitious with it. Don’t abandon your dreams. The world needs you!’.

If one has to do something then, better be crazy ambitious about it. If you only think about what’s lying in front of you, you would probably be in despair seeing how many competitors you have and how some younger ones are slowly getting ahead. But if you keep aligning your focus once again to the goal you wish to reach, make it ambitious and crazily head for it. Not a lot of people would go for it because most are scared of the risks. That just means, you’ll have lesser and lesser competitors as your ambitions get crazier!

Bill Gates

Microsoft has been a popular company that provided services to people in terms of computer usability. But of course, it will no longer be a grand breakthrough if someone breaks Bill gates through their ideas. That is why Gates especially noted that we should start as early as possible.

Understandably, not all people would be able to materialize their ideas at a young age, but when the idea comes through, start working with it as early as possible. Ideas don’t only come to a few people. How many people have already thought about not wanting to write beautifully but produce a well-written note? How many people thought of ideas on creating a computer that would make people’s lives easier? But how many people started it for real? How many people materialized their dreams before someone else snatches it?