Getting rich from a brazen situation is no easy feat. Yet, here we are, thinking that getting rich is just about good luck, the stars’ prophesy or they were born with it. 

Some may have been born with silver spoons on their mouth, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. There are a lot of rags to riches stories that could probably motivate you, but excuses are easier. 

Binge Watching on Movies

Time is a godsend valuable resource, and once lost, it will never revert again. A single movie could last around an hour and a half or more. But, a movie no longer becomes satisfying, so we binge on more movies or a whole TV series. And how much time have you wasted? Instead of learning new things and working on a new source of income, you chose the former. 

Sure, entertainment is a part of living a good life. But too much focus on entertainment leads you to the question, what have you gained? Have you learned something from the teary acts? Or you ended up wishing of a perfect movie-like life and stressed on it?

Being with an expensive partner

Dates, gifts, styling all cost money. Even when the relationship starts to get over-bearing, you persist because of what? You have spent a lot on a relationship so you try hard to work it out. But a failing relationship based on glamour will continue to go down.

This is a stopper to becoming rich because you lose focus and don’t get the support you need. A good relationship is when you get a friend and a business partner who supports and motivates you to save more and invest more. When both sides value frugality, you could get there.

Fast Food

How does fast food stop you from getting rich when it costs too little? Yes, buying fast foods is a cheap choice but the consequences aren’t. The reason why health practitioners are discouraging you from fast foods is the adverse effects it has on your body. 

Social Media

Social media is both a curse and a blessing. If you’re using social media to just chat, surf, and do other useless things, you are wasting time and being unproductive. But, when you turn social media into an earning platform, then that would be the moment that you are working on getting rich. Social media is a good source of money if used appropriately. But, laughing on memes, freaking out over fake news, and such is an utter waste of resources.

Unused Cable TV

So, you bought a cable subscription. You can now surf in as many channels as you want! But, oh wait, the internet has it all too. News? Do you want fake or real? Local or Universal? We have it! Movies? The internet is an infinite source! Then, what’s the purpose of your cable TV subscription?

Credit card fees

Using credit cards for shopping makes paying easier without the need to bring in a lot of cash. However, paying your credit card bills have fees which, when totaled could have gained you an investing or money-saving opportunity. And because you don’t physically see how much you have, you end up with unnecessary spending which makes big losses. 

Before you start wasting any more time and money on these useless habits, better start thinking again, and meditate on things you could’ve done instead.