For twenty-six years, Napoleon Hill worked on his life-changing book that has taught a lot of people the way to success. It is a law that constituted from 500 self-made millionaires who made magnanimous changes in their lives by incorporating autodidactic lessons. And the fruit for all that hardships is written in a book which has changed millions of lives by directing them to the right mindset.


Throughout our lives, we often hear the words, be confident, you can do it, but only a few were truly able to live through it. Our ability to trust ourselves is often hindered by fear, the fear of what’s to come, of how people will see us and that is what we need to ward off. 

You see, achieving success is more of a struggle against ourselves than fighting against the universe. To get our vibrations intact with what surrounds us, we need to change the way we see ourselves. Because YOU are the only weapon that would twist and bend, getting affected by your thoughts.

Initiative and Leadership

Before you can be a good leader, you need to have confidence in your abilities. And leadership is not something that can be developed from someone who is not willing to take any initiative. You need to see the opportunity that is right in front of you and grab it accepting the risks with it.

Procrastination. Procrastinating is a common habit that has defeated the majority. It is a comforting type of challenge where you don’t see its threat until it’s already too late. When an opportunity arises, don’t assume that there will still be later and do it immediately. Improve the way you do decisions and create services that people will value. It increases your reputation, your confidence, and also your value (monetary or trustworthiness).


The chair you’re lounging in, the keyboard you’re tapping now, everything around you is mostly a product of someone’s imagination. How we were able to transition from the previous hindsight to what we have now, is because someone has the initiative to bring us out of the ordinary. And as you bring people more than what’s average, you are now a step ahead of the game. 


The way to success can be REALLY hard. You end up with a lot of inner struggles, challenging the norms, and a lot of thinking outside yours and others comfort zone. It’s an unending challenge. How do you expect to grow? Objections, protests, questions, and doubts would always go your way but when you keep that enthusiasm to go on, that’s when you grow. 

Enthusiasm is one of the powerful traits you need to develop to pave the way to success. Not only is it beneficial for you, but it also helps others to feel enthusiastic about what they are doing. It’s a powerful perception that enables you to magnetize positivity.

You must believe in your goals and make sure that your steps are all aligned to your focal point. When you are firm in what you believe in, negativities will have difficulties sitting into your perspective.


Lastly, self-control. Disciplining and judging others can be an easy task but not when we do it to ourselves. We all have this innate protective barrier that keeps us from facing reality because we feel scared of being hurt. However, if you are not willing to face it. you will not learn to be honest with yourself nor be able to control yourself. 

There are a lot of things that we have to change for us to reach the epitome of success. However, it all will root down from our ability to control ourselves as we strive to move forward. To be able to control yourself is to be able to not only discipline yourself but also gain the right to discipline others you’re managing.