Paradigm embodies our ideas and beliefs, a defining concept of how we live through life. Paradigm shift refers to how the world flipped through those concepts and created a new normal.

Why do we undergo shifting in paradigm?

The paradigm shift is highly eminent in our society today. Long before the internet was, we used to work, shop, and do things by going out of the house but is no longer the 100% reality now. The former belief that the earth is flat has completely changed because of Magellan’s travels and the satellite images. 

What’s old becomes uncommon, and the new setup becomes normal. It’s a common thing between families, society, in business, and to one’s self.

When do we experience Paradigm Shift?

A lot of people who experienced problems during winter hates the season because of constant shoveling and slipping. But some look forward to experiencing another enchanting view of a white Christmas. The joyous jingle bells and the red nose Rudolph filling dreams while some others feel dreaded. However, winter happens every year and it’s inevitable.

But when a person who hates winter, because of the troubles it had, ended up meeting the love of their lives at that moment, will you still hate those cold days? Nah, you’ll fall in love with it, too.

How do we make use of the Paradigm Shift?

There are two types of poles, positive and negative- same with our paradigm. Howbeit we look at things, that also determine how life approaches us. Negative thinking people end up as pessimists because what they think is what comes to them. When you constantly think about negative things, you also end up in a negative state. And this is the time where the paradigm shift becomes your life-changing cue.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a mantra for people to attract whatever their mind’s focused on. We resonate with pure positive energy to attract the positive vibrations of the world. We can shift our paradigm to applying this mindset to make great changes to our health and relationships.

The moment this mantra is applied, our body develops the awareness in its central core- the mind. Which in turn also awakens our abilities which in turn improves our control of the body.

Understanding and Well-Being

With a better understanding of life and our importance as an individual,

we give more value to ourselves. The moment we find this value is the time we start looking out for our health and well-being. Our changes in life’s perspectives also affect the way we think about our part of the universe. Because we value us and the people around us, we tend to prosper without wanting to trample others. 

Self- Healing

A good heart is a healthy heart. A pure mind is a worry-free mind. The emotions coming from the heart and the mind greatly affects our well-being. But a paradigm shift in our perspective recreates the way our emotions sways our body. 

Stress and anxiety spring forth from the mind. Stress is the primary cause of almost all other diseases. But because of greater inner awareness, we redirect or thoughts and feelings to a positive outlook.