Gratefulness is a miraculous health booster that doesn’t require money and a lot of time. Being thankful is a gift that imbues us with a better perspective, an optimistic outlook for a better living. Life will always be a constant struggle and not only for you but for each of us.

Be Grateful for All Your Life’s Events

Some days can be clouds and rainbows but some days can be like a raging storm-challenging you at your wit’s end. It is easy to be grateful for being joyous and worry-free but to thank a melancholic day? Food is best enjoyed after working hard, so is success more meaningful after the hundreds of failures you won over. Being thankful that you have experienced struggles makes you a stronger person that you can be grateful for the rocks life has thrown at you.

Stop Looking at What Could’ve Been

Regrets are natural thoughts as we live through life and make bad decisions. The lingering feeling of pain after regretting what happened will create the thoughts of, “If I have only chosen to do the opposite, that might’ve been the result and not this”. Regret is a natural occurrence that serves to teach us a life lesson and not something we should dwell upon. Let go of your negativities and be thankful for having the experience of learning new things. Let this be a chance for you to rethink your decisions and re-plan your steps for the goal you wish to achieve.

Be Thankful for all the People Around You

People are all unique, people have different experiences, thoughts, perspectives, and different lessons to give you. People, including those who emits the aura of negativity, also brings us lessons; their thoughts and experiences could offer us a better understanding of what we can do to create a difference in our lives and take their experiences as a lesson for us, too. Thanking the friendly neighbour, the cashier in the grocery store, the colleague who helped you out, and even that grumpy stall owner will bring you a different kind of optimism as you feel immersed in positivity. Also, being thankful to people could result in a more meaningful relationship as people seek to be appreciated.

Be Grateful for What’s Around You

From the ants collecting crumbs, the bugs spreading pollen, the butterfly that provides beauty, the trees that give the feeling of serenity, and to the air that you breathe, be grateful. A grateful person is more appreciative of life and sees the beauty and opportunity that lies beneath a strain. A thankful heart marvellously affects the body as it reduces stress and increases your tolerance making you more patient and tolerant of unfavourable behaviours and incidents. And of course, don’t forget to always thank yourself for fighting hard and being courageous when life gives you adversities. The feeling of gratitude reduces toxic emotions and gives us a positive outlook with better well-being. A stronger mentality, higher self-esteem, improved health, and an empathic heart is the miracle of a grateful heart.