What is the Law of Polarity?

The Law of Polarity emphasizes on the continuum where everything exists within two opposing ends. Duality exists in everything but has no absolute stopping point for each of the two poles. Meaning, two opposing poles are just two extreme characters of a single element. For example, you started a business with barely enough budget until you worked on to become a multi-millionaire without the absolute point to determine when it began. 

In our mindset, the law of polarity applies to not having your desire without the notion of the opposing poles. Success is something one can not achieve without experiencing failure. And failure can’t be more tragic than after experiencing success.

How the Law of Polarity affects the Law of Attraction

Most of us may have probably heard about the law of attraction. It talks about the power of the mind to unlock potentials through a proper mindset by awakening your consciousness on your value to the universe. The law of polarity works in almost the same way but is also affected by the unconscious mind. 

A lot of people whole-heartedly desire to have fortunes. If the law of attraction is not working with other laws, then we should all be rich by now. However, because of the law of polarity, abundance is opposite to poverty. Deep in our unconscious mind, we have this fear of going broke which also affects our vibrations to the universe. This, in turn, creates a different shape than what you consciously wanted because you are affected by the opposing pole- making your desire weaker. Thus, the result isn’t as much as you wished for. 

Make the law of polarity work with the law of attraction

When you have nurtured the power of the law of attraction, with a definite goal in mind, you can keep your vibrations in the same wave making it more focused on your goal. Considering the law of polarity, you have to remove all other negative elements of the opposing pole. When you are targeting to get rich, you also need to check your mentality. What kinds of thoughts do I always have? Do I think more about what I could potentially earn? Or do I always end up thinking about how much I would lose? If you keep thinking about the latter, then you have to work on focusing your thoughts on getting rich and not about the feeling of being broke.

Manifest your Intentions

To manifest your intentions of not being broke, reconstruct your mindset. Instead of setting the thoughts of, I don’t want to go broke, so I will work my hardest; change it into I have to work hard to be rich! What’s the difference?

In the first statement, I don’t want to go broke, so I will work my hardest. While your goal is to reach abundance, unconsciously, you are also thinking about going broke. With this mindset, you are attracting two opposing poles at the same time and because of that, when your ‘not’ factor is stronger than the other pole, you may end up going to almost broke. 

I have to work hard to be rich. For disregarding the opposite pole, you are gearing yourself to reach the absolute positive. Thus, making your goals more vivid as you align your vibrations towards the positive pole. Learn to practice a mindset without the ‘not’ and always train your mind to believe in your goals and say it to yourself every day, like chanting I will be rich, I will be rich, I will be rich!