The German-born physicist Albert Einstein is known for his remarkable scientific breakthroughs- and one of these is the Law of Relativity.

The concept of the Law of Relativity is an interlock of different concepts; Theory of Special Relativity, Fundamental Principles of Relativity, Theory of General Relativity, and the Lorentz Transformation.

Law of Relativity in Physics

In Physics, the Law of Relativity explains that the laws of physics in everything around us is the same. This law explains the behaviors of objects relative to space and time, which eventually created another theory of time dilation. In the simplest sense, time, objects, and speed are relative to our perspective.

Let us take two people playing ping pong, one on the north, one on the south. When the player on the north strikes the ball, it is moving 2m/s away from the player. But, for the player on the receiving end, the ball is coming towards at 2m/s. However, the ball’s movement and direction remain constant but is going in different directions from each player’s perspective.

Law of Relativity in the Law of Universe

Just like how everything is relative to our perspective in Physics; such is the same in the Law of the Universe in relativity. Each person will be faced with different situations, good and bad. However, each situation will have different outcomes depending on how you approach it. We will always have problems. But if we perceive it in a way where we think we have it better than others who have it worse, it gives us a different outlook on the problem at hand- meaning, our problems are just relative. The outcomes of our problems can either be a lesson or a burden, a reward to be a blessing or a curse- all depends on how you see it.

Social Wellness and Life

We all have relationships with other people. Social wellness refers to how we nurture these relationships. Because of how we interact with them, we get the relative result to our actions- we either develop a healthy relationship or destroy it, creating an enemy of once a friend. Social Wellness becomes our guide in life, just like how we compare things with others, we also compare our problems with others.

Let’s say, for example, your friend is having issues with your partner. You see the situation can be difficult but at the same time common. You start comparing your situation to others who have undergone this issue. However, you need to bear in mind that you are all dealing with different types of people. The choices you make based on those comparisons could either solve or create a bigger problem because you relate it with the right or the wrong sets of people.

The Essence of the Law of Relativity

In the Law of relativity, there is a focal point for everything we perceive. We are on that focal point and wherever we face can have two outcomes- good or bad. Why it became such is because of how you’ve seen it to be.

If you may have noticed, the law of relativity implies that everything in this world has no particular meaning except what we give to it. You say you are in pain because you have felt comfortable before. You feel the cold because you had experienced warmth. You feel anxiety because you have once felt joyous. You have grown hatred because you have previously loved.