Do you consider gravity law of the universe? Does gravity stop playing its part even for a fraction of second; until and unless you move out of a specific range, gravity will keep its force strong even if you are falling down from a hilltop! Same way, the laws of the universe govern the life of everything and everyone present in this universe; the only difference is some understand the law and work in unison with it and some do not. The best part about these laws is that if you can adapt to working in unison with these laws, then you will be able to achieve your dream life. We will talk about 3 main laws that govern our whole being.

Law of Vibration

Everything in this universe carries a very specific vibration that moves at a specific speed. Right from a product like a chair to thought in our mind, everything has a vibration to it. There are positive thoughts and there are negative thoughts; both move in their own vibration. Your thought’s vibration match and co-inside with the vibration of the things (imagine the phrase- similarity attracts) and thus you attract those things in your physical world. If you remain positive in life then you will attract positive things like happiness, wealth, good health, etc.

So, in a nutshell, it actually depends upon you. You have the brush, you have the color palette; all you have to do is paint a picture that you want by sending positive vibrations in the universe.

Law of Cause & Effect

Have you heard about the phrase, what goes around comes around? Well, that’s true. If you have taken some action in life then you will have to bear its consequences. It is just like Newton’s 3rd law of motion; ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. So, to receive good things in life, you will need to send out good/positive actions and thoughts into this world.

I am not saying that you make a fool out of yourself by doing good for those who have wronged you; I am just saying that keep a watch and do not wish bad things purposely for someone.

Law of Action

I have talked so much about the fact that thoughts drive everything, etc. But, let me be very clear about the fact that despite your thoughts you will have to take action to accomplish something in life; only dreaming about a particular kind of life will not give you that life. So, do not confuse day-dreaming and inactivity with the concept of law of vibrations (as explained above in the article).

So, what we learn from this law is that despite everything else, do not forget to do whatever you are doing with dedication. To conclude the topic, I would say that the laws of universe works; as a human being all we have to do is know those laws, understand a specific situation that universe presents in front of us and act as per the law; you are bound to be successful if you follow this small piece of advice!